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G Gundam Review, first time seeing in a decade.

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  • G Gundam Review, first time seeing in a decade.

    Hey guys, you may know me from the Hentai game review section, I post there from time to time. Well I re-discovered G Gundam a month ago and just got done watching the whole thing to the end, so felt like I had to make a review for it.

    I'm a huge fan of giant mechs, and anime from the 90's in general. I really enjoyed watching the show, so put a good bit of effort into my review, more so than I usually do for sure. Check it out, I actually structured my review like an episode of G Gundam. (And did some very shitty voice work, too for the laughs)

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    Holy crap, someone besides me remembers watching this during the 90's?! I actually remember coming home from school, putting on Cartoon Network, when it was still good cartoons and not the current ones, waiting for this show to appear! I loved this show and I approve of your review, my friend! *salute* This hand of mine is burning red! It's loud roar tells me to grasp victory! Erupting Burning Finger!
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    The way I see it son there are three kinds of situations in life - normal situations where u can get anything done, awkward situations where ur friends ask questions about ur personal life, and what-the-****-happened to my damn house situations where u blame ur friends for starting everything cuz they were supposed to watch ur house.


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      Thank you very much for the vote of approval! I was a huge weeaboo as a kid, watched G Gundam, Wing, and Seed....though I cant remember anything from Seed at all for some reason.

      G Gundam is a top-tier anime in my opinion, so I put more effort into this review than any review I've ever done xD