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  • Extreme cosplaying

    What do you do when simple cosplaying doesn't do it anymore for you? You do extreme cosplaying, wearing a special mask to look even more like an anime character

    Just some strange thing I noticed: on all photos, they're wearing full body suits - wonder what that should be good for?
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    That is slightly creepy for some reason. I'll stick to the regular.

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      too extreme....on the plus side no matter how many times u put em down or call em weird they'll still have that happy look on they're faces not that i promote doing that kinda thing.

      extreme cosplaying.....kickin it up a notch.....when cosplay'n just aint doin it for u anymore.
      .....nevermind i was just trying to be funny


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          I just coughed very hard after seeing those pics><.
          Where the hell is that guys manhood!(wonderwoman)

          That anime face thing is very scary...


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            hoooollllyyy!!! my eyes!!! omg!!! my eyes!!!! it burns!!!! aaarrggghhh!!!!!

            that's gross.... the first 2... omg...
            dark side of human...

   good sorta way


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              Bwahahahahahahha Omg Thats Some Funny Sh!t

              anyways those anime things are way to wierd and thats even beyond the extreme.

              but those pics ayuntie uploaded are hilarious


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                Originally posted by ninja101
                Where the hell is that guys manhood!(wonderwoman)
                his "manhood" should i explain the world of extreme cosplaying some people take their characters rather seriously, in his case it seems he went to great lengths to become wonderwoman lol. now that's dedication and attention to detail.....sniff sniff.....and that's extreme cosplaying for u.....nobody said it was gonna be pretty. this ain't no qtsy wootys anime cosplay $#!7 this sir is EXTREME! (j/k i dunno)
                .....nevermind i was just trying to be funny


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                  Wow, now that's what I call real walking "dolls"

                  ...*Coughs* Are you trying to make me sick? o.O Well, you just did it (J/K)

                  Hmmm... I think I'm going to have nightmares of zombie Anime faces and extreme cosplay for the night (J/K)
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                    omfg... he looks like an inverse dickgirl - i.e. he is mostly male, but has a pussy!
                    What should you call those? "Pussyboys"?

                    Chibi-Usa's true hideous form revealed!

                    Nice costumes... dunno if I would wear the one on the left though...
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                      thats just soo wrong in so many ways.....


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                        i guess i'll pass on extreme cosplaying.

                        the body suits probably serve to try to match skin tone of masks and/or to have anime "perfect" skin.


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                          Lol!!! :d I Think Wonder Woman has gotten a little fat


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                            wonder women is the sexiest woman i have ever seen. wonder woman have my baby! Now, you freaking now im kidding, if you dont *smack upside the head* wtf you thinking. Watching Justice League on Cartoon Network will never be the same, good thing i dont watch sailormoon anymore
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                              that just scarred me for life....*weeps silently*and on tope of that it isnt even an anime or anything...THATS JUST SOOOO WRONG THE GUY SHOULD HAVE BEEN LYNCHED!!!!thats almost as bad as the guy cosplaying as a harry faye....omg i bout committed seppekku....

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