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  • Need Help Making Cosplay Prop

    Hay guys, I was wondering if ya'll have any advice for me to make a weapon for a crossplay I'm doing. Its my first crossplay I'm doing so I'm inexperienced. Actually, its my first cosplay period.

    I'm going to cosplay as Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden, and I'm not sure how I would want to make her scissors. I've got a pic that shows the details well though:

    So any advice for me?

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    Hmm... Depending on the level of realism you are going for, you could probably accomplish your goal with insulation foam and cardboard for the handle (Cardboard is good for those fine details and the raised secions along the border), and some stiff board (wood or cardboard) for the blade portion of the scissors. If you wanted the scissors to actually work, you can use a nut-and-bolt combo (just like real scissors). And if you want to get that metalic sheen, some gold foil can be layered and buffed on the surface of the styrofoam and wood. Otherwise, some gold spraypaint will do a quick and dirty job of it.


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      Cosplay Prop

      Cosplay prop. -