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Cosplay help.

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  • Cosplay help.

    I wanna cosplay at my anime con this year.
    But I have no idea what to really do, I kinda wanna do a Kingdom hearts Cosplay, but I really need help on this.

    any help would be lovely, but finding someone in florida, that knows how to cosplay would help alot more

    There's my pic ^^; I sorta forgot lol
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    Cosplay help.

    Now I'm gonna try to make this a bit short and tight. I've been into anime for a while now, probably since i was a kid back to the Ronin Warrior days (samurai troopers), samurai pizza cats and first ever dragon ball.

    I hit up my first ever Anime Convention in Toronto, Anime North. I think i died and went to heaven that day. I was a bit on a low budget but I cosplayed as GTO, (great teacher onizuka) in his teachers suit and the cigarette and what not. I am 21, i end up finding out, people have been there since 13... I feel old >< but whatever! I have promised myself to make it worthwhile for the next upcoming years.

    I am planning to craft up together (even though it's not anime) but who cares, it's a Chaos Lord from the Warhammer universe. Now i'm not very experienced in these things so this is where i'd need some info, like what materials can I use for crafting a bulky armor like that and helmets and all.

    Any info would rock and i'd love you guys forever


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      not really sure if i can help, seeing that i'm not a big cosplayer and all. But a picture of your future costume could help.


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        do you have an idea of who in kingdom hearts you're gonna try and cosplay? I never played kingdom hearts, so i can't really recommend anyone. If you have and idea of who you're gonna be you can post a picture, and we'll see from there. I'm thinking a heartless, i think that's what they're called.


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          hmm i know that this is not from kingdom hearts but i think this will look good for you ^^; first off lets start whit this guys

          that is Sven Vollfied from the anime/manga black cat :'3
 (<- some more info about him )

          or Aiber/Tierry Morrello from the anime death note
 (you can read about him here :'3)

          well thats all i can think about right now x'3, and sorry if you dont like them D: but i think you can make a good cosplay of them if you put down the time on it.

          Edit: ooh here we got 2 you can try from KH2 :3


          And here a link you can read about them
          I think It's more fun if you try someone that is not a main character x3.
          well I'm all out of ideas now soo yea hope i helped out o.o;.
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            you look identical to this character IMO

            HF-CLU-ISM #9 HF-DORAMA #? (i forgot ~_~) HF-TOUHOU #166
            Musicians! UNITE! HFDI

            .................................................. cute =^^=


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              Hey, nice idea SpikeDog! His face is match to Sven, i think


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                yups, Saldin and Lexaeus is Nice, your Look is Great you know ?

                so you must cosu be Powerfull Character too ^^


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                  I love Vocaloid Cosplay and for Christmas I got the Len Kagamine Cosplay!! :3 just a btw XD XD XD

                  Kona-chan is my lover!