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BLEACH: Hollow masks

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  • BLEACH: Hollow masks

    So I'm thinking about going as an Arrancar to a con...but the masks are rediculously expensive to buy. I've seen home-made ones, but how would you go about doing this?

    Also...I think I'd have to shave my chest as anime characters have no body hair. O.o

    I think it might just be easier (and cheaper) to go as Hollow Ichigo or even Byakuya. Opinions?

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    errr a cheap way to do it is home made
    never really tried it myself but u could do it the primary school way.

    1. blow a balloon
    2. take strips of newspaper and stick it on the balloon with glue
    3. shape it into a hollow mask.
    4. let the glue and everything dry then pop the balloon
    5. paint

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    I don't have any hentai games


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      Ohhhhh i remember doing that when i was little o.o.
      It could be a good option =)

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        I found this thread earlier today, hope it helps!


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          you can go to
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            you can always make them with strips of paper and glue+water, then paint it afterward

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