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    A few years back, there were a couple of websites in cahoots with each other. and Both had risque cosplay models, but varietease took it a little further. It was a pay site and showed nudity. A few cosplay models got their starts there. aka Ginny Mcqueen Franscesca Dani
    there was another "_"chan, but I don't remeber her name.

    Point being, this website was the only place that you could find nude photos of certain Cosplayers, specifically Gchan, Ginny Mcqueen. I was one of the people that actually got a subscription to varietease before it closed its doors, but I didn't save any of the photos and I'm worried that they might have dissapeared forever.

    Does anyone know if anyone might have saved any of the pictures, or a possible site rip before it went down? Pleas let me know!

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    was there any nudes of francesca dani?, I liked her...still do actually
    any pictures of francesca dani that i havnt already seen will do
    maybe a new siterip with new pictures..i would like that