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    okay, so I've been tampering with SFIV's .ini files and discovered secret, hidden "ultra high" graphics detail settings...

    Uh. No, wait. It's today's photoshoot at WorldCon, Montreal. Photo by me.

    Another one. Night version of the China stage, LOL

    And please feel free to use this thread for any and all cool Street Fighter cosplay you might want to share - I didn't find any threads for it, so...
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    Sigh.... I hate stepping in to tell people to cool off.

    Amateurs or not, people on the net will be critical. Justified or not, there will be criticism/flames online. Maybe saying that whichever cosplayer is an amateur might get you some leeway, or it might not. Either way, its better to be prepared to get flamed.

    As a cosplayer, how you look does matter. Even if Jessica Alba were cosplaying Chun Li, I'd say she doesn't have the face for it. Though she can schoolgirl cosplay for me anytime. >_>

    For Jonboy2312, seems like you've got some personal connection to the model. I don't blame you for defending her. If I was posting pics of my friends and they were getting flamed, I'd not stand for it, and I'd be defending them to the end. Which is why I don't post them. I'd not be that rational about it.

    Simple point is, if you post pictures, be prepared to get bashed. Those doing the bashing, watch yourself. Deleted one post for being over the line. Let's keep it to just one.

    ps. yes, I noticed that the pics could be uploaded in the gallery. That said, 1-2 pics here, meh. Cosplay section seems pretty appropiate. If he starts posting the whole cosplay photo album, then I'd say off to the gallery.
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      Originally posted by Tragic View Post
      Since we're talking SF, has anybody seen any good Cammy cosplay? I've seen a few, but I'd like to see some awesome ones if anyone knows of any.
      Have you tried checking the gallery?

      Here are some I sorted out from the above link that I consider to be the best:

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