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"Identify this Cosplayer/Cosplay/Accesory" Thread

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  • "Identify this Cosplayer/Cosplay/Accesory" Thread

    I think this section could use one as well. Since there are as many parts and character/actors as the animes themselves I figured it'd be nice to have all questions regarding the topic in one thread to keep the forum clean. ^^

    I'd like to start with identifying a certain pair of goggles my friend was wearing. Looks like this but the lens are red and the rest of the goggles (plastic, Straps, etc.) were black. And it also had the same type of "Screw" motion on one eye. Hopefully it isn't just some random set of goggles that are just part of a certain genre other than belonging to an actual character >.>"

    Thanks in advance!

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