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Good multithreaded Encoding software?

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  • Good multithreaded Encoding software?

    Hello everyone what is a good Multi threaded encoding software for encoding X.264 and can do 1080P encoding with little trouble?

    It has to take advantage of at least 2 cores preferably 3-4 cores. Plus 4 gigs of DDR3 ram.

    What do Anime fansub groups use?

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    I think most fansub groups using several programs to do different jobs and I don't think you have to get into all those softwares.

    Try mediacoder.
    It's an all in one software and as powerful as those so called "professional softwares", and you don't need to do low level operations like working with command lines enable multi-threading manually.
    You can set nearly everything, but be aware of those settings some combination won't work.
    So stick with the presets first and then playing around with the settings.

    I believe there is an English version and it'll meet your need. Hope you like it.

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      Thanks for the help I'll give it a try.


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        Anime fansubs don't use softwares like it's been said above, but CRF encode, for CRF encode, you need to write your own .avs script,
        It's not too hard finally, use Avspmod for this:
        You can also use MEgui to write them, you don't have to manually type all deinterlacers calling commands for example, but always Copy your script for prewiev
        In Avspmod, and Never use Megui for encoding, and Never Trust him.
        Once you got your Script ready ( the biggest part of the job) put both your video, .avs script and the x264.exe in same folder ( get the last build from here
        And in Windows command window type: x264.exe --crf 17 -o "outputfile.mkv" "scriptname.avs"
        Ofc access the directory first in command window, This is the most powerfull and accurate encoding method.
        But you can't learn encoding in 1 week or even 1 month, it's a lot of study, and learning.
        But you have fun testing different Filter chains, and finally get expected result after long hours.
        Good luck.


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          Thanks for the information I will definitely start working on this!


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            I've used MeGui for quite a while and found it to be pretty decent.


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              I use megui, it uses x264.exe and has multicore support for years.

              You will still need an avs script to work, they have included a builder (Ctrl+R)

              After that, learn to build a profile in a simple way, you can save it for later use.

              There are a number of defaults.
              I usually start with " x264: unrestricted 1 pass ones are good for PC "
              There are other pre-built profiles for mobiles, iphones & xbox too.

              You can then modify the profile by clicking the `config`, which will bring you into the simplified UI,
              where you can set
              1. the quality (crf number 16-20 for BD, 18-22 for DVD, the lower the better but also bigger file size)
              2. tunings: anime/movie etc.,
              3. preset encode speed: fast - slow , slower the better usually.

              Advanced users may prefer to use the advanced settings but the learning curve would be steeper.

              I've been avoiding most filters recently as the BD quality are generally good,
              Well, except some remade (rescaled) old videos. Shouldn't even buy them unless you don't have one,... or they are really re-drawing most scenes lol.