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  • Raw question.

    I see raws on nyaa all the time. What is the difference between a raw and a fansub's release besides the obvious subs?

    Also when encoding anime for myself. If I grab raws do I still need to go through all the filters or just say a couple of them?

    One more question. Is there a guide anywhere on the net that could help me with the basics to start learning the process about encoding? I'm not saying a guide to teach me everything under the sun. But just the concepts and the basics to start me out with?

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    depending on who's doing the encode the differences can vary from subs,quality,resolution,and sound.

    I used to download at least 6-8 raws when i was working in the anime fansub area just to make sure i got the best raw and also use to take screen shots of the same exact second on each raw and compare to find what was better and what was not.

    there's a couple but nothing that will really help you, is mostly base on experience and try and fail method to find the best you can do


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      The raw choice depends on the quality you want from what I've gathered. TS being the best.

      As for learning, I'm not an encoder myself, but it's like link455 said, it's mainly experience I believe. You can visit sites like Doom9 or whatever, but I don't think it helps much personaly. ^^;;


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        The problem is, video quality are often subjective, it's sometimes not just frame to frame comparison but overall perception. And there are too many filters to test. So be prepared to waste {some} time.

        Apart from doom9, also has some basic guide especially on filtering. Also has some experts there too.