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X-FAP is Recruiting ( Translators & Timers )

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  • X-FAP is Recruiting ( Translators & Timers )

    Group : Extreme-Fap
    Website :
    Email :

    Extreme-Fap is a new Hentai fansub, with the sole purpose of bringing quality subs and video to all Hentai fans (aka pervs) XD

    List of Episodes already released

    We are in need of :

    Translators :
    Your English grammar doesn’t have to be perfect. You also don’t have to be a native language speaker either. As long you know the language well enough to convey to us what is being said in each episode, then you’re okay.

    *Japanese » English

    *Don’t need any experience with fansubs

    *Can you work with Aegisub? (basics)

    Timers :

    *Must have experience with Aegisub

    *Must be able to time a 25 minutes episode in 3 hours (max 4 hours)

    You can apply to any position by leaving a comment on this thread , or sending a mail to
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    FAP-FU, How Strong is Yours?

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    Please join us and give us a help providing Hentai to all the fans around the globe
    We only have 1 Translator at the moment. We need more Translators and Timers. If you can help us with this positions APPLY NOW


    FAP-FU, How Strong is Yours?