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Virgin Translations (Manga) recruiting for Proofreader/QC/Editing Suggestions

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  • Virgin Translations (Manga) recruiting for Proofreader/QC/Editing Suggestions


    I've started a new manga translation project for Itsuka Kachi-gumi!, by Kurashina Ryou (story) and Kobayashi Takumi (art). This is an adult themed manga, but not a hentai-manga. It's close since there are some sex scenes in it (not a lot), but they're heavily censored in order to get past the 'Seinen Comic' (Adult Manga) restriction in Japan, so they don't come with a restricted rating and can be sold outside of adult sections.

    I'm doing the translation, editing and typesetting, but I would like to find somebody to QC/Proofread and possibly give suggestions for editing before I release the volumes when they are done, since I tend to be a little sloppy in my spelling and grammar at times.

    • Must have good command over the English Language.
    • Must be a native English speaker from North America, in order to fully understand any possible idioms and colloquialisms I may use in my translations.
    • Should be familiar with some Japanese terms such as honorifics and such, since I do NOT localize them in my translations. I'm flexible on this since I can explain terminology if needed.
    • I need somebody that can work quickly when they are given a task. They won't be given small bits of work on a frequent basis, since I will be releasing this volume by volume, so they will need to be able to set aside time to work on an entire volume at once on an infrequent basis.
    • Must have a post history here, so brand new members need not apply.
    • Need a mature individual, since this is an adult themed project and I'm not exactly a young one anymore myself.

    I'm not going to be doing this chapter by chapter, this will be released on a volume by volume basis. There are 5 volumes to the series in total. The first volume is complete in translation and basic typesetting already, I just have to finish the editing and final typesetting (about 1/3 done at this point). I expect to have it finished up by next week some point.

    This is likely going to be a single project only, so I'm not going to need somebody to stay with the group for a long period of time. Another possible project I may do at this point is Kobayashi Takumi's Ohanyu ~Joshiana Paradise~ (Morning News ~Female Announcer Paradise~), but that will not happen at least until I can find a copy of Volume 4 of the manga (was released a couple of months ago), and not until Itsuka Kachi-gumi! is finished.

    This project will be released under the scanlation group name of 'Virgin Translations', which is what I am going to use for any kinds of scanlation projects such as this (Softcore Adult Titles).

    Please apply here with a little bit of background on yourself. Applicants will be contacted via PM for further discussion.

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    Hey, I know you said you would not consider anyone who has not been on the forums for long but I figured I'd offer my help for proof reading anyways. I may not have a list of experience to boast about, but I do have a very comprehensive knowledge of the English language as I have been a lyricist for 5+ years.

    Feel free to use me as a last resort if need be.