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PAID, Full-time, Translating/Subbing Work $$$ (18+ Only)

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  • PAID, Full-time, Translating/Subbing Work $$$ (18+ Only)

    If this type of ad is not allowed I apologize to the forum and the moderators. I thought this would be the best place.

    This is a serious request for full-time translators/subbers looking to be employed and work from home. You would be working with HD video content in .mp4 format with the responsibility of creating translated .srt files in English and Japanese. They're numerous ways to contribute.

    If you're great at timing/creating subs but not at translating, definitely apply.

    If you're great at translating but not timing/creating subs, definitely apply.

    Any translating/subbing knowledge you can provide on a full-time basis, equally feel free.

    This is for a company that has been in business for a very long time with a massive range of sites (20+) and tons of customers (millions across the world). Plenty of payment options available. This opportunity is being spread out across multiple forums and social groups so if you're interested please repond quickly.

    You can email me here:

    Please include your:

    Your specialty.
    Your previous experience.
    How much time you could dedicate per week.
    Your preferred price per movie (movies may be 1 hour long).
    ICQ/MSN/AIM (for faster contact).

    Lastly, don't feel intimidated. This is a great bunch of guys that do their best to accommodate everyone on their team. Chances are you would make a great addition.

    Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!