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The 'please sub me, I'm lonely' :( thread

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  • The 'please sub me, I'm lonely' :( thread

    Thought it might be an idea to put stuff here that either doesn't have a sub group yet (new stuff), or old stuff which was dropped/unsubbed for whatever reason, in the hope that some group will take pity on the poor things and sub them out of the kindness of their hearts *sniff*..... I'll start it with a couple I know of, but feel free to add new ones or make me out to be a rotten liar and I'll update this top message with the info....

    **** ROBOT Series Info>>>
    Maohayato's old and new robot series are listed in the second post in this thread - thanks to him for this (as I don't have a clue about that genre myself, and it seems to be a very under-subbed area of anime)****

    Well apart from the Robot series, I've had to put a age-block on what goes on here (say to about 1998 unless it's a classic) - also excluding Hentai - both simply because of space - I had to stop somewhere. Maybe someone else could take up the banner for the rest?

    ************************************************** ********
    Here goes.... - = - = - = NEW SERIES = - = - = -

    New Series: Koikoi 7 (added 24th April)
    Licensed?: No
    Comments: All I know about it is it's a school/comedy/ecchi thing with a bunch of girls. It's scoring pretty high on AniDB's temp votes and is up to episode 4 already (raws available through leet raws)

    New series: Comic Party Revolution TV (added 24th April)
    Licensed?: No
    Comments: This is the sequel to 2001's 'comic party' series and 2003's side-story 'comic party revolution', two fairly well-recieved series. It's a comedy based around the world of fanzines, and has aired up to episode 3.

    New series: Gokujou Seitokai (the best student council) (added 24th April)
    Licensed?: No
    Comments: ***NEWS 29 April **** Good news - the new group 3Wanime has picked this up and released ep. 1 today. Thank you

    New series/OVA (?): UFO Princess Enban Oujo Walkyrie Deluxe (added 17th May)
    Licensed?: see comments
    Comments: According to the tiny amount of info I have about this, it was supposed to start mid-April. I'm not sure if it's the 3rd TV series or just an OVA series, so it's had either 3 eps or probably 1 OVA ep.... Either way, I haven't seen any group so much as take a sniff at this one, possibly because it's surrounded by the slavering hounds of Media Factory's legal dept with their C&D notices, which is enough to put all the US based groups off. I'm not even sure if they even licensed it yet or not. Aye t'is a veritable black hole of non-information I have ... arrrr...
    . . . . - = - = - = OLDER SERIES = - = - = -

    Old Series: Starship Operators (added 1 May)
    Year: 2004/5
    Licensed: Yes
    Comments: Dropped by Lunar (the only subbers) after 4 (?) episodes - this is only a 13-part series. I haven't watched it, but it is rated as a pretty interesting series.

    Old Series: Sunabouzu (added 1 May)
    Year: 2004/5
    Licensed: Yes
    Comments Also dropped by Lunar (again the only subbers) after releasing 9 of the 24 eps. A good, funny and well-rated series. From the few eps I saw - I was looking forward to seeing it completed.

    Old Series/Still Running: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX (from Bluefire) (added 24 March)
    Year: 2004/2005
    Licensed: Yes (by Bandai I think)
    Comments: I think this thing's up to around ep. 30 at the moment with only the 1st one subbed. I'm not going to say anything else about this, as I'm being well-behaved at the moment

    Old Series: Zipang (added 20 March - thx Vector)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: No
    Comments: **** NEWS!!! 28 April ***** Digital panic have picked up this series and have released ep. 3 today (where Deph left off) - great work people!

    Old Series: Sensei no Ojikan (aka Doki doki school hours) (thx Nick64)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: Don't think so
    Comments: Originally subbed by Anime Coalition/Triad and Seichi, seems to have been abandoned by both around ep. 8
    **** NEWS!!! 14th March**** I just heard (thx nick64) that a new episode (9) has been released by a group called TSC (new group?). Whoever you are TSC, thanks for dusting this one off!

    Old Series: Space Symphony Maetel (part of the Galaxy express 999 world) (Added 14th March - thx crucif-X)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: No
    Comments: *** NEWS***Back in production as of 5th April (thx again crucif-x) check Frothbite, AonE, or LE for episode 4

    Old Series/Still running: Keroro Gunsou (aka Sergeant Keroro) (thx stevency)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: No
    Comments: ***NEWS**** Soldats get back in the saddle on 6 May by releasing episode 7..... Great stuff People

    Old Series: Gravion Zwei (thx Gourry)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: Yes
    Comments: Was only subbed to episode 4 by Anime junkies and then dropped - apparently Anime junkies are no more. Another with a fairly high vote rating on ANIDB.

    Old Series: Tetsujin 28-go (thx 1got2much3time)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: Think it is (Geneon??) - uncertain
    Comments: Very little info to be had on this one, except that Seichi dropped it after 1 ep. (maybe because it was licensed?? I know Seichi drop licensed stuff).

    Old Series: Ryuusei Sentai Musumet/Otomet (added 15 Feb)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: No
    Comments: A 13 part series about groups of 3 girls with superpowers & helmets ..... Was never picked up at all. Apparently nothing special, but it did feature an apparently hilarious character with terrible 'Engrish'. Unique in that it's name changed part way through the series...

    Old Series / still running (?): Viewtiful Joe - added 05 May - thx aagcnet
    Year: 2004/5
    Licensed: Yes (Geneon?)
    Comments. A 52-part (gasp!) series known for it's alternative artwork style. It's a Capcom comedy/action series set in a 'movie land' which was dropped by a number of groups after 4/5 episodes. Only average reviews given (unless you rate animenfo's system - and I don't).

    Old Series: Wandaba style - added 05 May - thx aagcnet
    Year: 2003
    Licensed: Yes (the dreaded A_D_V)
    Comments: Short (12 part) series dropped by LE after 3 episodes (probably because of licensing). A sci-fi/comedy show for the tweeny audience which was fairly well rated.

    Old Series: Love♥Love (added 17 feb - thx killzonenet)
    Year: 2004
    Licensed: No
    Comments: Right, stop that sniggering at the back! Yes I know it's not 'highly regarded' but it was subbed up to episode 6 of 9 dammit - doesn't someone out there have the heart to sub just 3 more episodes? Needs to be done for completion of the 3 series (other 2 are Cosprayers and Hit Wo Nerae). P.S. I hate it when they put stupid symbols in names so I have to cut/paste from character map...grrr....

    Old Series: Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure Sou Nanda! (Sounanda) - thx aagcnet - added 05 May
    Year: 2003-4
    Licensed: No
    Comments: Subbed up to ep. 9 (of 26) by Aikousha & Lightshock, these groups are lacking translators for this kids sci-fi comedy show

    Old Series: Firestorm - added 05 May - thx aagcnet
    Year: 2003
    Licensed: No
    Comments: Subbed to ep 8 (of 26) by Lightshock - stalled due to lack of staff over a year ago, this is a scifi/action thingy - don't know much about it - had average ratings.

    Old Series: Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya (legendary Gambler Tetsuya) (added 21 May - thx physics223)
    Year: 2000-2001
    Licensed: No
    Comments: This was a 20-part series based on the early life of the author Asada Tetsuya (apparently also a famous mahjong player). It was subbed only to episode 2 by UnitedAnime (dead group?). Looks sort of interesting, but can't find anyone who saw it all...

    Very Old Series: Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko (added 5 May - thx aagcnet)
    Year: 1999
    Licensed: Don't think so
    Comments: Well, it was 'subbed' by AXN to ep 24 of 25 (AXN are actually a broadcasting corp) - and fansubbed by Aoi to ep. 5 (unfortunately Aoi's Sub-Cool has left the building, though saying work on this would continue, nothing more heard yet.)

    . . . . - = - = - = OVAS NEW AND OLD = - = - = -

    New OVA: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 3 (added 20th March)
    Year: 2003 - 2005
    Licensed?: Yes
    Comments: *sigh* adding this one which had it's first 3 (of 6) episodes translated. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it subbed too, it's just that with FUNimation sitting over it snarling like a rabid dog (enough to put off AniKraze - who don't scare too easily), I don't see too much of a chance of it getting a fansub release before the DVDs are all out. The good thing is, I can't see it being too long before the DVDs hit western shelves.
    >>>>UPDATE MAY>>>> Well it's subbed up to date by a no-name group or two, just a 'special' episode to do (which hasn't been released yet). Good job whoever did this

    Old OVA: Usagichan de Cue!! (It`s my Rabbit and It`s Cue!!) (added 07 March - thx akaaoi)
    Year: 2001 - 2002
    Licensed?: No
    Comments: This 3-part OVA was an ecchi (not hentai) offering from Pink pineapple. It was subbed to ep. 2 by the group 'High Quality Anime' who were quite busy but seemed to stop releasing after June 2004. I found their forums but there's no post much less than a year old on there, so I think they'll have to be regarded as deceased. So to recap, this only needs ep. 3 translating, and received a temp. rating of over 7 on AniDB, so it's fairly well regarded.

    Old OVA: Happy lesson Episodes 4 and 5 of the first set of OVAs
    Year: 2001 (I think)
    Licensed?: Uncertain
    Comments: These rarely seen episodes are only available in chinese subs I believe, despite being from a very popular series.

    ************************************************** ********
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    it's only a ova.
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    • Anyone subbing Last exile Fam the silver wing? I know its licensed by funimation, but its kinda odd that nobody has picked it up.
      EDIT: Nevermind, it has been picked up by whine subs.
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