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Beautiful Dream (some sample writing)

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  • Beautiful Dream (some sample writing)

    Here goes (I'm doing this off top of my head, so no yelling at me for spelling mistakes, ne?).

    "You know...", he said to her, "this isn't real"
    Her eyes fluttered open. It was him.
    The man that she admired from far. The man that ignored her when she expressed her feelings. It was him.
    But for some reason she couldn't remember his name.
    "Who are you?", he asked.
    A bullet pierced her heart. Her hands dropped to her sides. That bullet awakened her to see what was around her.
    They sat there, on a pink cloud, surrounded by an endless blue. On top of the cloud there where to chairs and a small rounded edge table, where there laid a strawberry smoothie in a glass, one end of the straw suffering in the bottom of the glass, and the other hanging from her lips.
    The cloud was the same color of her pink dress. The dress was so long and pink that it just hung of the cloud. She tried to lean over and see where the dress went, but it went endlessly into nowhere.
    "You mean.....", she struggled.
    "I mean..what?", he pushed.
    She couldn't speak. Not after she had expressed herself to him so much.
    "Speak up", he shouted.
    Suddendly, the echo of his voice became doves that flew all around them. Pink doves, white doves, and black doves. They flew and flew around them, blinding them from each other.
    "Speak up", he yelled again. She could hear him throught the flapping of the wings. But the sound was faint. "Speak up", he continued. The sound echoed and echoed but it just left completely.
    All this time she had her eyes closed. She wondered what was going on all this time, but did not want to open her eyes, as if afraid to what she might find.
    The silence after the noise that the birds and the man had made seemed like it lasted for decades. There she sat, not knowing where she was, with her eyes closed, and hands in her lap.
    "Miss Aya", a man spoke. He did not receive a respone. "Miss Aya", he continued. All was silence. "Miss Aya, I have your tea", he continued.
    His accent was brighter than the other man. It was higher pitched, but mysterious.
    She gently opened her eyes.
    She was surrounded by green. Pure green all around her and her beautiful table.
    The glass table where she was sitting with the other man was now on top of a hill. A nice breeze made her hair wave to the wind. The hill was surrounded by water. Miles and miles of water went on and on, as far as her silver eyes could see.
    With her silver eyes, she noticed the man.
    "Aya, your tea is ready", he said.
    She gasped.
    It was the same man that had spoken to her on top of the cloud. He was now wearing a white suit, instead of a pink one. "But you..", she tried to explain.
    "Miss Aya, your tea will get cold out here", he said in his weird accent.
    It couldn't be him, she thought.
    "Yes Miss Aya"
    "My name is not Aya"
    He starred at her in silence. They looked into each others eyes for what seemed like days. The sun came down behind her, and the moon came up in front. It kept going. She lost count at 21.
    Then it finally stopped when the sun was out.
    He turned around and finally stopped starring at her. Before she could sip anytea he took it from her hand.
    "You know", he said as he turned his right wrist to the right, letting the tea fall down slowly down the hill. "You could have been Miss Aya".
    She turned her head, following the tea. It kept flowing down from the small glass, like it was endless. I didn't stop. It just kep pouring into the ocean. The tea slowly created a road that led into the ocean.
    "I have to go now", he said.
    "But wait", she said. "what". She looked down on the ground, wondering in the back of her mind if the tea was ever there.
    "I'm sorry?", he exclaimed turning around to eye her.
    "Ahh...I'm sorry, go ahead", she said.
    "Oh yeah", he said, crossing his left arm to his right, and lifting up his right with his index finger to his chin. The lightbulb on top of his head could almost be visible. "I forgot to tell you.....this isn't real".
    At that verry moment the water that seemed endlesss seemed like it was going to end her life.
    The man had gotten into a car that flew out of the sea, onto the road that the man had created, and then went back into the sea. Slowly the water started to rise, as if to drown her.
    She didn't have time to yell, as she started to overwealm with emotions.
    The water touched her feat, and then her knees. The water touched her waist, and then her neck, until finally the water was wrapped around her.
    She couldn't breath. She slowly faded away.

    The loud sound of the alarm clock woke her up.
    The door to her bright lit room opened slowly. "Shara, when are you going to wake up, your late for school".
    It was her mom.
    "And what have I told you about sleeping with the curtains open", she yelled. "A peeping tom could look in".
    It was a typical morning for Shara. Until she remembered the dream.
    "It was about Tai mom", she yelled. "He was wearing a white suit, and then a black suit, and then a white...". She stopped.
    It was just a dream. She still had no hope with Tai.
    "What are you talking about...your going to be late for school", her mom continued.
    All her happiness fell down the drain. She knew it couldn't be possible now.
    The love that she had for him wasn't going to be returned back to her.
    It was only a dream. A beautiful dream. One of those dreams that you never want to awake from, because if you do then you'll wake up to the truth.
    It was a beautiful dream.


    YAY!! I'm done (but my fingers hurt a little, so time to go watch some j drama).

    Thank you for reading.

    quelqu'un me détruisent
    ..i have returned..

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    Nice story. It felt really... umm... how should I put it. Unreal, and very weird. But overall, I liked the short. Are you planning to continue, or is this it?


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      I am not shure. I liked writing it, but I don't think it could go anywhere. She was just having a dream. Maybe I could keep going with it. I'm trying to write another story right now, so it might not be possible.

      quelqu'un me détruisent
      ..i have returned..


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        yeah, i didnt think it could go anywhere either. unless you set the mood or something. i thought the writing was really good though. what made you come up with those kinds of names though? just an impulse?


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          Well, while I was writing it, I thought that I might keep going with the story, and Aya is the person that the man in the dream is in love with, but Shara is the woman that actually likes him. It's kind of confusing. LOL.

          Thank you for reading it.
          quelqu'un me détruisent
          ..i have returned..