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Fighting through a creative block

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  • Fighting through a creative block

    You know how the saying goes...

    "For an artist, there's nothing scarier than a blank sheet of paper"

    ...well, I've been suffering through a serious creative funk, lately, and I've been looking for ways to fight through it and to just start drawing/animating again. Once I get going, I have no problems going on until I've completed the task at's just that initial push that always gets me....

    Anyway, in the interest of beating this, I wanted to know what the rest of you do when you hit a roadblock in the creative process or what you do to psych yourself up to just to get started...hopefully, I'll get some ideas on how to shorten these funks (if not eliminating them altogether).

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    Play lots of video games and watch anime and manga. Then combine everything and see what you can improve on and what you want to create for yourself. Inspiration comes from stimulation is what I say. Also you can go to sleep and have yourself a nice dream. That dream could be VERY good material. Oh yeah, listening to music helps for me. Really good music. Or close your eyes and create the first thing that pops into your head.

    Or ask someone else's opinion for creative ideas and steal it from them.
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      I do the exact same thing ZuruZuru does. But I also look over my notes of all my random ideas, I made it a habit to write down every single idea I have in a notebook (actually 7 notebooks already). That, or I try to completely redraw a random anime picture on my computer, exactly the same, line by line, this is usually my practice for drawing. Gosh, I wish I had a scanner...

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        Im currently in a block now, for that after Haruhi ended, my source of inspiration was lost.

        Not that I can't draw anything anymore, but somehow I feel uninspired when I'm drawing Haruhi stuff. I'm not satisfied with my last 4 pics, which I haven't posted on my Haruhi thread, I'm not sure if I want to post them.

        I can still draw other stuff, for that most of the time I do freestyle art. But because Haruhi-sama is all in my mind now, I can't bring myself to do other stuff.

        I can force myself to draw other stuff now, just that I'm not willing to do it lol

        Freestyle art is a way to invoke your creativity. Just draw a few random lines, connect them together and you form a sword, an exotic animal, organic looking architecture etc.
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          Sometimes playing games and watching other anime's help. Heck, even just picking up a stray book and reading it (make sure it is one you think is interesting) can help move the brain fluids.

          But what I find the most helpful is just to go and look around where ya live. Just seeing some scenery and some scenes around town can help you a lot. It is healthy and it is getting some air in your head, which for some reason I hear helps the creativity department. But, just don't hang out in the 'usual' spots. Life is an adventure. Explore all the possiblities and maybe you can come up with something interest.

          And while doing this, try to think of what is most important.

          This is what help me in some jams. Hope it does for you too.

          Good luck!
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            is this for a certain project or drawing as a past time? say for the the sake of practice? well regardless i find just looking at works of a favorite artist really helpful. if you're still stuck on what to draw as far as subject goes, just try copying one of his/her works, a method the old masters often used to master their craft. doing gestures of anatomy also helps sharpen ones skills and gets you in the mood to start illustrating. gestures don't require lots of time and thought as they're more about spontaneity. they can range anywhere from mere minutes to hour sessions. gestures don't require commitment either, you can stop pretty much anytime you want. hopefully afew is enough to get you reacquainted with your skills and hopefully you might even come out somewhat inspired. out of what i listed, looking at works of a favorite artist or even unknown artists really get me going.


            one of the sites i often visit for inspiration. take a look at the editor's picks gallery. really beautiful works, really amazing pieces ranging from traditional to digital. you'll also find a broad range of styles from professional illustrators who’ve long broke into the bizz to amateurs seeking criticism. it's truly amazing what one can create with a bit of inspiration on your side hopefully you'll find yours soon. hope this helps!
            .....nevermind i was just trying to be funny


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              Go outside that's what I do when I'm stuck.


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                when inspiration is there just drop it, completely forget it and do something else XD


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                  If picked properly (to match the mood), the music can be an infinite source of inspiration. In conjunction with everything stated abve, of course.
                  just drop it, completely forget it and do something else
                  Especially, in conjunction with this. =)


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                    Search within yourself what you want to do that no one else has ever done (or for this comment sake what as rarely be done) and fight to get it done.
                    Even if you don’t end it, I assure you that your creativity will return and you will do what you like to do.
                    The dreams...


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                      .... looking back at yer past project / inspiration.


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                        Writer's block is almost always caused by trying to force linear story telling. So the problem isn't "I can't write". It's "I'm not inspired to write this scene right now". The best way to handle writer's block is to come up with new scenes and write those. You can either fill in the scene that's blocking you later, or even creatively figure out how to avoid it altogether. Not everything has to be told, and it's better to conduct a bit of a random hop without a full explanation than to grind out a boring description that taxes you, as well as your audience.


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                          I solved the problem of inspiration very quickly. I am breaking the book into several parts. When I don’t have enough ideas, I turn to professional writers for help. I can even recommend an important site. I place an order for a specific chapter and continue the book using new ideas. This is the easiest and fastest option.