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  • School Factions Comic Strips

    After much planning on my & tmvaegis' part, it's finally ready to be made public!

    P/S: Also, forgive the outdated banner. haven't had the time to update.

    School Factions

    Genre: Gag, Comedy, Action, Slice of Life
    Format: Comic Strip

    Plot Summary

    On her first day of school, Sherla finds herself caught in a crossfire between rampaging students.
    From which, she learns of the school's odd tradition where students form groups widely known
    around the school as School Factions which wage prowess over one another. Naturally, in a series
    such as this, she is tempted to create one of her own & join in on the ruthless dog eat dog action
    towards climbing to the top of the food chain.. But is that all there is to this?

    Comics Listing

    **School Factions is read from left to right**

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    CH 01


    Author's commentary
    When we first started working on these, we were struggling regarding which format should we follow so pardon the first two pages which looks really rough. Naturally, I'd edit them to fit the format which we adhere in the following pages (and for some, even the art), but I think that'll only get done after I'm finished with the first chapter, so that I'd know what we are truly comfortable with before redoing them to fit with the rest.

    I'll also update the formatting of some other pages over time to ensure every page is within the same style.

    I'll upload each new page as they're done. Stay tuned!
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      Seems fun so far. ^^ I'm glad real school wasn't like this on the first day!

      I wanted to do my own little manga series similar to this but I haven't had time yet. Maybe next year...


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        Thank you stukasa! Yeah, that's what anime/manga high school is for.

        I think I saw the idea you put up somewhere once. But eh, I can relate. These can get very time consuming and we've been doing this on what free time we have left. Sometimes sacrifices has to be made too in order to get it done. Hence, this can be slow to get done..

        Anyway, another page that has been in the works is finally done & up! Will be linking it to the CH 01 post too, soon.


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          An overdue update! But alas, another page up!


          I've also remastered the earlier pages to follow the same format as the newest page. This is especially true to the former page 1 & 2 which has merged into one.


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            If that's the nurse, maybe I'd rather heal on my own. Also, the other guys look like gingerbread men. xD


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              I totally forgot that I never made a comment on here, buddy! : o

              Just wanted to say that the remasters look great! The flow of the art, the dialogue, and the art itself all turned out really well! Luca's sexy, too, of course!
              lol, stukasa is right, I thought they looked like gingerbread men, as well; more like paper g-men, heh heh, but you get the idea. Worked out nicely, though!

              Keep it up!


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                That bump on the knee looked a lot like nipple. You had my attention. Well played, sir... well played.

       accordance with the Prophecy.


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                  Thanks for the continued support people! Before anything, I'll also mention that tmvaegis, as a partner in crime is free to speak & reply on my behalf. btw, we're just getting started with nurse brutality and yeah, I love seeing people getting tricked on the knees!

                  Without further ado, here comes another page!


                  I intended for a double release this week actually, although since there's much business irl, these had to be delayed. The other page is already in the works, and if possible, may see release tomorrow or the day after.
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                    I'm kinda surprised Sherla is the sensible one of the pair. I mean, she's got a huge ahoge and squinty eyes. In most series she'd be the silly, comic relief character. Yet she's the only one who notices anything weird about the nurse! Maybe her friend is just used to the craziness?


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                      Even though she herself thinks nothing of the weapon she found & had on her earlier. It's more like everyone is inane but have different standards lol.

                      Back to things, HF was attacked but hey I suppose it's time to rebuild. So what's better than a new page?



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                        would loved to have seen color in it any chance that happening ?
                        does look good so far im wondering what teacher is likely to be doing next


                        • tmvaegis
                          tmvaegis commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Thanks for the interest! However, we're still in the midst of working things out, though, so whatever you've seen thus far will most definitely be different in future work. Stay tuned. : )