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    The Demon

    I could hear blood dripping. I could hear the cries of my men. I could hear the stabbings…. the tearing….the slaughtering.

    I know….soon he will enter the manor. Soon, he will be right beneath me. He is coming. The creature. The monster.

    Monster….no, that word doesn’t fit the murderous creature who had slain my men.

    I had caught a glimpse of him. I had seen his work. It was horrific! The sight of men torn apart, of men hanging on garrote wires, of men strangled by their own entrails, of men with shattered spines and slit throats.

    This isn’t the work of man, nor any beast. No monster could do anything like this either.

    He….he is a demon!

    It all started at dusk. I heard news of….something…..stalking the Syndicate camps some distance away from my manor. He had killed one of the leaders, the messenger said. He had razed one of the camps. I was warned to be prepared. I dismissed the warning. Surely the person…..whoever he is, will be caught and executed shortly after his little escapade at one of our camps.

    I was wrong. The messenger returned again. All the camps had been razed. All the Syndicate agents….massacred. He had slain them all. And to make things worse….he was never seen.

    It was then clear that we weren’t dealing with just ‘some person’. This…..person, no, this thing…..had done the unthinkable. And he may soon be coming here.

    I alerted the guards. I called my servants. I had bolstered the manor’s defenses. Surely the…..creature…..will not be able to get to me or my wife. With all guards and servants at the ready, with so many swords drawn, surely the…..thing…..will not approach. It would be foolish. It would be suicide.

    I was proven wrong. He came anyway, and in his wake, a trail of blood and torn limbs.

    I was having my supper when he made his presence felt. Two guards disappeared. My men were sent to look for them. I thought it wasn’t anything to be concerned of. It was dark outside. They could be answering the call of nature and got lost.

    I was wrong. The servants found the missing guards…..dead.

    One was hanging on the tree by a garrote wire, his head threatening to detach from his throat. Another was found mutilated. His entrails were removed, and his limbs torn apart.
    He had come.

    An hour had passed since the discovery of the two dead guards. Another ten went missing. Five were found…..their corpses violated. The sight was horrifying…too horrifying to be described. It made me cringe every time I think of it.

    The guards and servants grew nervous.

    Every time the grandfather clock tolls, more of my men died horrific deaths. My men drew closer towards the manor. The fields had become an open air slaughterhouse. Yet….the creature did not cease his campaign of terror.

    I watched him from the second story window. I didn’t see him directly, but I saw his deeds. He made an appearance before the guards from within the darkness. He lured them. He disappeared just as the guards started to move after him. He then made an appearance on another side of the manor. He led the guards on a wild goose chase.

    He was dividing and conquering them. They fell for his tricks….and they were slaughtered for their troubles.

    And soon….no guards and servants were left outside. I saw the creature when he brutally murdered the last outdoor guard, right at the manor doorstep. He is a scrawny figure dressed in black. His claws dripped with blood. His joints wrapped in bandages. After feasting upon the corpse, he turned and looked at me.

    I could feel a deathly chill going down my spine when those glaring eyes stared at me. I could not make out his face. It was very dark. All I could see were his eyes. Those horrible eyes……glaring in the dark…..staring at me. I could feel…..malice…..determination…..hatred…..

    That stare made me understand. He will not stop….until our blood paints both the exterior and the interior of the manor.

    Nagaz bolted the door. My remaining two guards stayed in alert. There was no way he could enter. The manor was sealed tight. I assured my wife that we will survive the night. There is no way he could enter the manor.

    I was proven wrong once again.

    The lights downstairs went out. I could hear my guards gasp and cry. To make things more frightening, there was no clashing of blades. The demon slewed them…..without encountering resistance.

    I could hear the tables smashed. It was probably Nagaz. He cried out in anger in orcish. He cursed the creature. He demanded an honorable battle. A slave….demanding a demon to battle him with honor.

    His request was never granted. There was no battle. There was only murder. No blades ever clashed. All I could hear was the sickening sound of a stab, the sound of the corpse falling on the ground with the thud and the sound of flesh ripped apart.

    We will be next.

    I watched the stairs, waiting. My sword and shield at the ready. Elysa cowered in our bedroom. It was quiet. Pin-drop silence.

    Did the creature leave? Was he still lurking beneath? I glanced at the clock. An hour had passed since the fall of Nagaz.

    I continued to wait nervously. Why hasn’t he come yet? I gulped and turned to face my wife. I whispered to her to wait for me. I will be going downstairs. Elysa shook her head, not wanting me to leave her side. She was afraid to die. She was afraid I will die.

    I assured her I will return, but yet, I had a feeling….that this will be the last time I graced my eyes upon her beautiful face.

    My arms were tense. I was sweating profusely as I crept slowly down the stairs. It was dark below. This wasn’t a good omen. I continued to walk down the stairs.

    I stepped on something wet. I looked down and saw the hand of Nagaz, violently removed from the rest of his body. I looked up. I could see black liquid splattered all over the dining room. I could see the shapes of torn apart body parts of my men in the darkness.

    I felt bile rising up my throat.

    I also noticed a figure staring down at one of the corpses. He turned to stare at me.

    I got ready to fight. I will not go….without a fight.

    “What are you? What are you doing in my house?” I demanded. The demon continued to stare at me with those wicked, glaring eyes without saying a word.

    “Answer me!”

    He started to walk towards me. He drew his daggers. I could not hear him breath. I could not hear his footsteps. I could not even make out his full figure. But I could feel him draw closer. I could see those eyes, and those bloodstained daggers gleaming in the darkness.

    I am going to die. I am going to die horribly.

    “Stay back!” I lifted my sword. The demon continued to advance. “Stay back, demon!”

    I could hear him chuckling as he continued to advance. I continued to back away.

    Soon, I felt my back against the wall. The creature stopped advancing. He continued to stare at me.

    He then spoke with a hollow voice.

    “Tonight….you will die. It is inevitable. However… will you die……you decide. So….tell me……how do you wish to die?”

    His voice sent shivers down my spine. I stared at him in the eye, and then I stared at his daggers. I raised my sword and my shield.

    The creature laughed cruelly. He then started to advance again.

    I am going to die. I am going to die horribly. I will be slain. My body will be defiled.

    He had slain all my guards and servants. They all die horrible deaths. I don’t want to meet their fate.

    The creature continued to advance, his daggers raised.

    I don’t want to die like this…..I don’t want to die like them.

    I aimed my blade towards my throat.

    Goodbye….my Elysa.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    I stared at the falling corpse of Lord Aliden Perenolde. He had decided to die by his sword rather than by my daggers. He made a wise decision.

    My goal wasn’t to kill everyone in the manor. I was here to retrieve a pendant for my clients. However, these humans….and the orc…..were threats to my mission. They simply had to go.

    I walked up the stairs, blades back in their scabbards. I know….the pendant is not with the deceased Lord. However, I know….. the man’s mistress is wearing it.

    “Aliden?” a female voice asked. I kept silent as I continued to walk. I turned to face a locked door. “Aliden? Is that you?” the woman asked.

    I picked the lock, and slowly, I opened it. I could see the woman cowering in her bed. She saw me….and upon realizing who I am and my true nature…..retreated back.

    I continued to advance. “Please…..please don’t kill me….” the woman begged. I opened my throat and demanded hoarsely, “The pendant.”

    The woman heard me loud and clear. She quickly removed her pendant. She held it in her right palm. “Will you promise not to kill me? Will you let me live if I give you the pendant?”

    I said nothing. I merely showed her my claws.

    The woman nervously extended her right arm. Her palm made contact with my claws as she placed the pendant in it. I immediately grabbed her palm and pulled her towards me.

    She yelped in surprise. I did not allow her time to react. I stabbed her through her abdomen with my claws.

    She shivered as she felt her life draining away. “…..I cannot let you live. You are a witness, and thus, a threat. However….I can grant you a swift death.”

    The woman stared at me, still shivering. She was bleeding heavily. Soon, her eyelids grew tired. Her body soon fell limp.

    I withdrew my claws violently, ripping out her intestine in the process. I wiped my claws on the bedsheet. I then looked at the pendant in my left palm. Indeed….this is the pendant those orcs in Tarren Mill seek.

    I pocketed the pendant and left the manor. The sun has already risen. I looked around. It was a bloody sight. Corpses, torn limbs, innards…all strewn across the fields and the manor. The manor grounds were flooded with blood.

    Not very professional. Well, the Dark Lady did place a very hefty price on the heads of every Syndicate agent. My pack was filled with their body parts.

    I left the grounds, having decided I will not detail my deeds to the orcs. Such deeds are absolutely disgusting to the proud orcs of Orgrimmar. They might call off the contract if they were to find out.

    The birds were very silent today.
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