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  • Tifa's Vacation

    A girl named Tifa (FF7) the owner and founder of a Club named the "Al Bhed Club" has been the center of her hometown's attention with her sexy body and a staff of gorgeous girls erotically dancing for gil and pleasure.

    One day Tifa decides to take a day off and have her bestfriend Android 18 (DBZ) come along*.
    Tifa --> "I hope you girls keep this place clean and bring in some money while you brats are at it."
    Rikku (FFX, FFX-2) --> "We will Tifa, you worry too much."
    Millenia V (Grandia 2) --> "With me around, there will be so much money coming in." Millenia V shakes her buns and smirks*.
    18 --> "You better or I WON'T wedgie you for a while."
    18 pinches Millenia V's butt and smirks back*.

    Tifa --> "Ok we're off, be good." Tifa picks up her luggage and picks her natural wedgie as she walks to the airport*.
    18 follows and slaps Tifa's cute round ass to make Tifa yelp*.
    On the plane trip over to Besaid Island Tifa goes to the bathroom and 18 sees this as a oppertunity to have some fun*.
    18 walks over to the same bathroom Tifa is in and sneaks in*.

    Tifa --> "Gasp* 18 what are you doing?" Tifa puts her makeup away*.
    18 --> "hehehe, nothing, why do you ask?" 18 turns Tifa's backside to her*
    Tifa --> "18 no, behave." Tifa slaps 18's wrist to make sure that 18 doesn't reach in for some panty*.
    18 --> "No way, I wanna be naughty." 18 makes another attempt to grab Tifa's white cotton panties*.
    Tifa --> "Ahhhh, stop it." Tifa blushes as 18 successfully gets a grip on Tifa's underwear*.
    18 --> "You know you want this, so do I." 18 laughes and starts to pull Tifa's underwear up her butt and the legholes reach up to her back*.
    Tifa --> "Owwwww, that's mean. Lemme go." Tifa pouts as 18 yanks Tifa's innocent little panties up even higer up her back*.
    18 --> "Wedgie. how does that feel up aggainst your butt babe?" 18 pulls Tifa's panties up past her shoulders and grips the legholes and wedgies Tifa till the legholes are up to her shoulders*.

    18 --> "Ok, where is a hook?" 18 looks around to find a hook*.
    Tifa --> "18, I'm serious let go." Tifa struggles and slaps 18's hips to make 18 let go*.
    18 --> "Have it your way party pooper." 18 lets go of Tifa's undies which makes it snap back to Tifa's cute bottom*.
    Tifa --> "OWWWW."

    18 --> "See you back at your seat." 18 pinches both of Tifa's buns and gives a quick smootch on Tifa's cheek*.
    Tifa blushes as she is forced to reach down her tight black shorts and pick out some panty which was pulled up ravagly by a naughty blonde 18*.
    Tifa --> "Oooooooh, yeowie." Tifa keeps picking her tiny cotton panties out of her butt for a good five minuites until they are finally completly out of her tush*.
    Tifa get's out of the bathroom and get's back to her seat next to 18*.
    Tifa --> "You're such a brat 18." Tifa pouts and slaps 18's arm*.

    18 --> "You know you liked it." 18 giggles and rubs Tifa's hip and takes a nap for the rest of the trip*.
    The plane lands on the Besaid Airport where Yuna (FFX, FFX-2) greets both Tifa and 18*.
    Yuna --> "Hey Tifa, it has been too long. How have you been?"

    Yuna grabs Tifa's bag as she chats with Tifa*.
    Tifa --> "I have been doing great, how is life back in Besaid?" Tifa refuses the offer that Yuna made to carry her luggage*.
    18 --> "I hope that there is some livliness to the town."
    Yuna --> "Oh, the beach is getting so lively this time of year so don't you worry 18."
    18 looks outside the Airport windows to see some volleyball action on the beach*.
    18 --> "hmmmph, excellent. I just hope there is a shopping mall around here."
    Tifa --> "Teeheeheehee, is that all you do 18? Shop? come on, let's go play."
    Tifa runs excitedly over to the changing room outside near the beach consession and lockeroom*.
    18 --> "HEY!, Wait for me bonehead."

    18 takes off after Tifa with the rest of the luggage*.
    Yuna --> "I wonder if Tifa always does these sorts of things?" Yuna ponders*
    Tifa and 18 get into the changing room in a hurry and 18 says*.
    18 --> "Dammit Tifa, don't run off on me like that?"
    18 pants to regain her breath*

    Tifa --> "Sorry, I got a little carried away."
    Tifa blushes and opens her bag*.
    18 starts to undo her green pants so she is in her two piece swimsuit that she wore under her clothes*.
    Tifa sees that 18 is facing the wall and as 18 bends down to take her tight green pants off Tifa springs up and grabs 18's bikini bottom*.
    18 --> "Wait a minuite, what the hell are you doing?"
    Tifa --> "I call it......PAYBACK!!"

    Tifa all of a sudden just pulls relentlessly on 18's navy blue bikini bottom*."
    18 --> "OWWWWWWWW DAMMIT TIFA!!!" 18 kicks and squirms violently as Tifa lifts 18 off the ground by a huge wedgie*.
    Tifa --> "Hehehehe, that's right, take it like a big girl."
    18 --> "You bitch, I swear you will pay for this."

    18 is now being carried over and hung on a towel hook for wet towels*.
    Tifa --> "Hahaha, nice ass 18, I hope that thong doesn't give you a WEDGIE."
    Tifa laughes hysterically as 18 dangles by her bikini bottom a few inches above the floor*.
    18 --> "The one time I wear durable bikini bottoms and I get THIS."
    18 glares at Tifa*.

    Tifa --> "I'll see you later sweetcheecks." Tifa gives 18 a good slap on the behind as she walks out of the changing room shaking her ass to taunt 18 as she is incapable of getting Tifa back for this humiliating wedgie she had to endure*.
    18 --> "Don't plan on getting comfy, I'll make sure you will be picking fabric out of your ass tonight." 18 shouts at Tifa as she gets to the door*.
    Tifa giggles and bends over, softly hikes her one piece up her butt and shakes it before she opens the door and heads out before winking at 18*.
    18 --> "Grrrrrrrrr, you are so dead bitch."
    18 gets a little red as she hangs there helplessly*
    After a good FIVE hours of hanging by her super tight swimsuit 18 sees Tifa entering the changing room with a smile on her pretty face*.
    18 --> "I hope you are a expert at picking cause I swear that you will be using those skills tonight." 18 gives a look of death*
    Tifa --> "Awwww, sorry 18, I forgot that you were here. *giggles*" Tifa helps 18 get down from her tight hanging wedgie*.
    18 --> "I will get you back sooooo good at the hotel."

    Tifa --> "Nuh-uhhhh, I'm too cute to be attacked or wedgied."
    18 --> "Oh shut up you little brat." 18 picks her big wedgie that she endured for 5 long hours*.
    Tifa --> "Nice wedgie 18." Tifa pats 18's shapely behind*.
    18 blushes as she finds Tifa helping to pick the wedgie out of 18's tush*.
    18 --> "Thanks Tifa. I appreciate it."

    The girls go to the Besaid Hotel where they will be enjoying the night*
    As the two bombshells get their fine asses in the hotel where 18 finally manages to get the fabric out of her tight rear end*.
    18 --> "OH, thank god that is finally out of my ass."

    18 let's out a sigh of relief as she lays on the couch on her stomach giving the bikini bottom one last pull out of her buns*
    Tifa --> "Teeheehee, don't try to lie to me, I know you like that." Tifa pats 18's sexy butt and gives it a quick kiss as she goes to the kitchen to make a snack*.
    18 eyes up Tifa's young innocent butt as her short shorts creep up naturally*.
    As Tifa is in the kitchen she bends right over to get to the bottom drawer of the counter to get the pot to make some Kraft Dinner*.
    18 thinks to herself* 18 --> "Oh I would just lllllove to have my way with that fine piece of ass."
    18 gets a devilish smirk as Tifa is making the KD*.

    Tifa --> "Do you want some KD 18?" Tifa looks over her shoulder and asks 18*
    18 --> "That's ok I am not hungry." 18 lays on the couch and then turns on the TV.*
    Tifa --> "Ok." Tifa resumes cooking only one box of KD* as she turns on the stereo in the living room by remote and starts to sway her cute tush to the beat*.
    18 --> "Shake it baby." 18 giggles as she sees Tifa shake her butt and hums to the music*.
    Tifa gets beet red as she hears the compliment and cutely resumes cooking*.

    18 --> "Awwww, don't be embarassed sweetie, you got a cute ass. I like to see you shake it." 18 gives a quick smootch at Tifa's butt*.
    Tifa finishes the KD and decides to go to the livingroom to join 18 watching TV*.
    Tifa eats the KD at a somewhat normal rate and then places the bowl in which she had it in the sink and comes back to 18*.
    18 --> "That was quick. there is nothing on TV, this sucks." 18 pouts as she flips through channels aimlessly looking for something decent*.
    Tifa --> "Hey, there is a X-box here, let's play it instead."

    Tifa smiles and reaches for the first controller*.
    18 --> "Oh no you don't I get to be first player."
    18 snatches the controller from Tifa*.
    Tifa --> "Heyyyy, no fair." Tifa and 18 start to wrestle over who gets the first controller*
    Tifa --> "Gimme." Tifa gets pinned on her stomach as she is unable to reach the controller from the beautiful Android 18*.
    18 --> "Now that I think about it, you hung me by my bikini bottom for five long hours, I think you should get a........Fitting punishment for that."
    18 smirks sexily*

    Tifa --> "But you got me on the plane so we got even so lemme go." Tifa squirms as she complains*
    18 reaches in Tifa's tight short shorts and grabs a pair of 18's panties*.
    18 --> "HEY! you little devil, now you're gonna get it good Tifa." 18 gets a cute angered look as she pulls the panties up to Tifa's shoulders*
    Tifa --> "But they were sooo cute, I wanted to wear them." Tifa gets a little embarassed as she finds her sexy butt completely helpless as 18 uses the cord of one of the X-box controllers to tie the wedgie in place and ties Tifa's hands and knees together and gets the remainder to go like a thong up Tifa's P**** and tush to tie it to her bra-strap which got pulled down to keep it there*.

    Tifa --> "OWWWWWWW, Eighteeeen, why are you being so mean to meee? Tifa cries a little as she is whining like a innocent schoolgirl*.
    18 --> "This wedgie is for wearing my panties WITHOUT my permission." 18 slaps Tifa's ass a few times to make her learn her lesson*.
    Tifa --> "I'll never do it again. Pleeeasse lemme go."
    Tifa is in the "Bottoms up position completely helpless*.
    18 gets some duct tape to tape Tifa's pretty mouth shut*
    18 --> "No more of your whining, I wanna play."
    18 sticks in Tenchu: Return from Darkness and plays as Ayame*.
    as 18 is playing she looks at Ayame and says*.

    18 --> "Boy, this ninja chick really got a butt on her don't you think Tifa?
    18 gives Tifa a good swat on her bum which makes Tifa let out a squeal*.
    18 giggles and kisses Tifa's ass*.

    Tifa squirms as she gets a asskissing from 18*.
    Tifa muffles something but 18 can't quite make it out*.
    18 --> "You wanna sleep with me? ok. But after a few rounds ok?"
    18 gives the cord a slight pull in the "wedgie" direction everytime she got scared by a quick action or as a reward for getting a stealth kill*.
    18 --> "YES, got another stealth kill, you know what that means."

    Tifa squeals like a little piggy as she squirms and shakes her head while 18 reaches in for the tug*.
    18 gives the cord a good tug as Tifa makes a muffled scream*
    After a total of 49 tugs 18 decides to hit the hay*.
    18 --> "Ok Tifa, off to bed."

    Tifa makes a suprised muffled noise, and 18 lifts Tifa up by the wedgie cord*.
    Tifa squeals as she is dangling helplessly by a big double wedgie which after a few seconds makes Tifa orgasm*.
    18 --> "Tifa, you brat. I think you should be spanked for that."

    18 puts Tifa down and cleans it up, picks Tifa up by the cord again and goes to their room*.
    18 drops Tifa on the bed with her ass sticking up real high looking like she wants it.......... You know how*
    18 gets on the bed in only her swimsuit she didn't get to swim in. and pulls the cord up hard aggainst Tifa's ass and c***.

    Tears come to Tifa's beautiful big brown eyes as 18 slaps that ass as hard as she can while pulling the cord deep into Tifa*.
    18 --> "This should make you learn this lesson quite well don't you think?"
    Tifa nods her head vigorously as she feels more pain in her intimate areas*.
    18 spanks Tifa's ass completely red then puts poor Tifa in the powerbomb position*.

    18 --> "This should teach you." 18 slides her hands on Tifa's D-cup breasts down her stomach and onto her ass*.
    Tifa shivers in fear as she knows what is coming*.
    18 pinches both of Tifa's ass-cheeks and grabs a hold of the cord which is causing Tifa so much pain*.
    18 --> "Are you ready for this....Tifa?"
    Tifa cries as she kicks her long sexy legs*
    18 --> "I'll take that as a yes."

    18 leans forward then in a instant leans back HARD with the cord firmly in 18's hands which like thunder bolts up Tifa's cute little ass which makes Tifa orgasm all over the bed*.
    18 --> "That's right, squeal bitch." 18 pulls again with such magnitude, making Tifa cum again and again*.
    After eight hardcore pulls the cord breaks*.

    Tifa undoes the duct tape from her mouth and gets out of the cords and slaps 18 hard across the face*.
    Tifa --> "Look what you done you stupid brat. You damaged the hotel's property."
    Tifa dries her tears as she lifts 18 up by her arm*.

    18 --> "Oh shit, what the hell are we gonna say?"
    Tifa --> "I'll tell the truth." Tifa gets a mean glare at 18*.
    18 --> "What, then I will be banned from the mall in Besaid."
    Tifa --> "Serves you right."
    18 starts to cry as she knows the consequence for her actions*.
    18 --> "Please don't tell, I'll do anything."
    Tifa raises an eyebrow and says*.
    Tifa --> "Really, is that so?"

    Tifa takes this moment of hearing 18's plea so that she is still able to take full advantage over the situation that the young sexy diva 18 is in*
    Tifa --> "Well..... I do got an idea buuut...... I think you would rather be banned from the mall." Tifa gets a somewhat seductive smirk on her face as 18 is curled up panicking*.
    18 --> "Wait, what did you say?" 18 gets a cautious look on her face as she quickly looks over at Tifa*.
    Tifa --> "Oh I didn't say anything." Tifa smirks as she knows that 18 will persist on trying to get Tifa not to tell the hotel manager Lulu of what happened to the X-box controller cord*.
    18 --> "Don't play dumb, I heard you say something."

    18 gets on her knees in front of a stunning Tifa Lockheart with her short-shorts shot up her ass due to the cord wedgie*.
    Tifa --> "Oh, alright. On two conditions." Tifa sits her sweet behind on the bed and pats the bed to get 18 on the bed with her*.
    18 --> "What are the conditions, please don't let me be banned from the mall please." 18 cries as she thinks of not being able to shop at Wakka's mall anymore*.
    Tifa --> "Well, number one, I get my revenge on you for such a painful wedgie with a counter-wedgie."
    Tifa gets 18 to lay on her stomach*.

    18 --> "And the other?" 18 looks at Tifa as she ties 18's arms and legs to the bed knobs on each corner*.
    Tifa --> "Not just yet, I gotta make sure you feel this wedgie." Tifa pulls 18's tight green denim jeans off of 18 showing only the sexy dark red bikini bottom*.
    18 --> "Please...... Not too hard, I'm real sorry about earlier."

    Tifa --> "Sorry isn't gonna make my poor tushie feel better now is it?" Tifa gets a mean grip on 18's sexy bikini bottom*
    18 --> "Oh my godddddd." 18 clenches her teeth together as she is ready to take a damn good pulling on that swimsuit for a second time today*.
    Tifa --> "Wedgie Time."

    Tifa in a flash leans back as far as she could and sky-rockets 18's sexy swimsuit right up that ass*.
    18's ass just bolts up as the force of the wedgie picks it up and keeps it in a damn good position for Tifa's next part of the punishment*.
    Tifa --> "Well well, look at what we have here, a tight little ass stuck up in the right position to recieve a lecture on...........Disipline."
    Tifa turns around and looks through her bags and looks for just the right thing to.....Disipline 18*
    Tifa pulls out a hardened plastic paddle with holes in it to increase the velocity of the slap that the paddle delivers*.
    18 squirms in fearas she sees the paddle firmly in Tifa's hand*

    18 --> "Come on, please don't use that one on me!"
    18's sexy light blue eyes fill with tears as she sees Tifa aproaching her smacking that paddle in Tifa's palm*.
    Tifa --> "Mmmm-Hmmmm, this should work just fine."
    Tifa steadies the paddle right across 18's ass-cheecks*

    18 closes her eyes and prepares for the worst and.................SLAP* right on 18's beautiful piece of ass and 18 starts to cry*
    18 --> "TIFA STOP!!!! THAT HURTS!!!" 18 squirms as Tifa continues to paddle 18's butt with all of Tifa's might*.
    Tifa --> "Sorry hun, I just got to give you a good punishing and I will stop ok?" Tifa gives 18 a smootch on 18's cheek and she resumes the spanking*
    *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* Tifa spanks 18's ass silly with the paddle*
    18 --> "OK I'M SORRY, PLEASE STOP!!!." 18 pleads to a sexy bratty Tifa*.
    Tifa --> "Awwww, ok but only if I can wear your panties. Deal?" Tifa rubs 18's sore butt with her soft hand*
    18 dries up her eyes as she feels Tifa's soft warm hand firmly rubbing 18's butt and says*.
    18 --> "*Sighs* Deal." 18 squirms in attempts to break loose*.

    Tifa --> "That's a good girl." Tifa smiles bright as she picks the wedgie out of 18's crack*
    18 lets out a sigh of relief*
    Tifa --> "I'll get a cold washcloth for you butt ok?"
    18 --> "Ok." 18 is close to fainting*
    Tifa goes to the bathroom and comes back with a bucket of ice cold water and a cloth soaked in the cold water*.
    Tifa first unties 18*.

    18 --> "Oh thank you so much."
    18 then places the cloth on her ass which makes a sizzling sound as it touches 18's steamy sexy ass*.
    18 --> "OOOH that feels so good."
    18 then gets up and sits in the bucket which almost causes steam*.
    Tifa --> "So, from now on, it is ok for me to wear your panties?" Tifa looks at 18 innocently*.
    18 --> "Do I get to wear yours?"

    18 moans as her ass is getting cooled down due to the bucket of cold water*.
    Tifa --> "Hmmmmm, ok. Give me a hug."
    18 smirks and gets up to hug Tifa but as they hugged 18 gives Tifa a soft tug on her short-shorts*.
    Tifa --> "Heyyyyy, you brat. giggles*"
    Tifa goes under the covers of the bed and gets in*.
    Tifa --> "Come on you." Tifa curls her finger towards her big rack*.
    18 --> "Lemme get some panties on ok?"

    Tifa --> "OK, but don't keep me waitinggggg." Tifa shakes her hips as 18 walks to her suitcase and puts on her tight black panties with flames on it*.
    Tifa --> "Ohhhh, sexy panties there 18." Tifa whistles at 18 as she is bent over adjusting her panties into a thong and slides her hand up her leg and as she gets to her ass she slaps it*.
    Tifa --> "I wanna play." Tifa smirks at a bra and panty clad 18 as she approaches and says*.
    18 --> "Me too baby, me too." As she says that 18 gets in bed and goes on Tifa and starts to caress her large D-cuped breasts*.
    Tifa --> "Unnnnngggghhhh." Tifa moans as she slides her hands down 18's curvy sides and gets a hold of 18's naughty panties and whispers into 18's ear*.
    Tifa --> "Wedgie time 18." Tifa slowly pulls the panties of 18 up her ass and holds it at 18's bra-strap*.
    18 --> "Thanks Tifa." 18 then gives a quick squeeze to Tifa's tits and kisses her on the cheek and says*.
    18 --> "It's late, we should get some sleep."
    Tifa --> "Ok, good night, don't mind me if I wedgie you."
    Tifa gives a sweet smile on her pretty girlie face*.

    18 --> "I never do, and you might get a suprise or two yourself you know." 18 gives off a sexy and evil smirk as she blows a smootch at Tifa*.
    Meanwhile, back at the Al Bhed Club, Millenia goes over to Tifa's office to look for some paperwork that she needs but shocks to see that Ivy (Soul Calibur 1 & 2) has Cammy (Street Fighter series) tied down bent over the desk getting a fair sized wedgie*.

    Milelenia --> "Hey Ivy, what are you doing to poor little Cammy? *giggles*" Millenia smiles and walks over to rub Cammy's cute and innocent tushie*
    Ivy --> "Practicing my one-handed wedgies." Ivy gives off a big wedgie which causes Cammy to squeel*.
    Cammy --> "OOWWWWWWWW, come on lemme go, we've been here for almost an hour." Cammy kicks her legs as she can't take any more of the wedgie she is enduring*
    Ivy --> "Oh, alright. Millenia do you want to be my pratice wedgie girl?"

    Ivy unties Cammy and delivers a hard slap on the caboose which makes Cammy hop and rub her rear end as she walked out*.
    Millenia --> "Yeah. I'm all for it." Millenia smiles and bends over nicely sticking her ass out awaiting a wedgie from Ivy's left hand*
    Ivy grabs the silk red thong of Millenia under her yellow see-through mini-skirt and starts to pull*

    Ivy --> "Well well, looks like someone has been working out their body." Ivy says as she gives swift hard jerks to Millenia's thong*
    Millenia --> "Yeah, I'm glad you noticed." Millenia wiggles her butt as Ivy lifts it off the desk by a hard wedgie*
    Ivy --> "What should I wear tonight for work, Supergirl costume, or a real skimpy two-piece?" Ivy gives a slap on Millenia's right butt-cheek*
    Millenia --> "Mmmmmmm, I would say the skimpy two-piece, you aren't the goody-two-shoes type you know." Millenia moans as each tug digs deeper into her intimate areas*
    Ivy --> "I see, but what color?" Ivy gives one hellaciously hard pull lifting Millenia up high and holds her there*
    Millenia --> "I would say either white, black or blue."

    Millenia dangles there lovingly as she enjoys every miniute of the wedgie she is recieving*
    Ivy slowly descends Millenia down from the wedgie and flips down Millenia's naughty see-through skirt*.
    Millenia --> "Well, that was fun. I hope we can do it again tonight." Millenia slides her hand down Ivy's back to her ass and Ivy raises her leg up to have Millenia's hand slide upwards down that sexy leg of Ivy's.

    Ivy --> "Oh we will, don't you worry. And all the boys will love it." Ivy winks at Millenia*.
    Millenia --> "Can't beat a live crowd to enjoy it as much as we do." Millenia winks back at Ivy and smootches a kiss her way*.
    As both Ivy and Millenia walk out of Tifa's office wiggling their asses teasingly, Kitana and Mileena walk past them to the changing room and Kitana gives a quick tug to Ivy's thong*.
    Ivy giggles as she retaliates with a tug in return*.

    Kitana and Mileena get into the huge changing room that sports over 6000 sexy uniforms and 2000 different bikinis and yes 40,000 pairs of underwear and thongs*.
    Kitana --> "Mileena, I do have an idea of what I should wear tonight?" Kitana looks through a shelf of sexy outfits and looks closely to this skin tight leather mini-skirt and a white tank top with the Playboy bunny logo on it*.

    Mileena --> "Hey, I wanna wear that." Mileena pouts as her older sister grabs it.*
    Kitana --> "If you can beat me in a little wrestling match, you get to wear it ok?"
    Mileena hops in excitment*
    Mileena --> "Yay, I can't wait, when when?"
    Mileena keeps hopping like a cute playboy bunny*.

    Kitana --> "Right here, right now." Kitana smirks as she puts the sexy outfit down to the side and gets ready to pounce her cute little sister*.
    Mileena --> "Ok." Mileena gets her torso down and sticks her tush up like a tiger ready to attack*.
    Kitana --> "Ready?" Kitana raises an eyebrow*.

    Mileena --> "Mmmhmmmm." Mileena nods and giggles*
    In a blink of an eye, both bombshells pounce at each other and tries to take each other down*
    Mileena gets first advantage by grabbing her sister's long silky leg and flipping her over on her back*.
    Mileena tries to go for an early pin but Kitana retaliates with a quick kick that flips Mileena over her*.
    Kitana --> "Ha, you should of known better, nobody wins that quick." Kitana grabs Mileena's arm and bends her over for a abdominal stretch only the underwear is the only thing intending to be stretched out*.

    Mileena --> "Acccck!! Let me go." Mileena feels her white cotton panties bolt up her ass but not too hard*.
    Kitana laughs and replies*

    Kitana --> "Awwww what's the matter baby, panties to *tight*?"
    Kitana gives a swift hard pull as she says tight that gets Mileena's panties up to her shoulders*.
    Mileena squirms but after a few seconds, she notices that her sister lost her guard and Mileena used her advantage to put Kitana in a chicken wing and puts her hand through the legholes of Kitana's hot pink thong*.

    Kitana --> "Damn, how did you do that?" Kitana looks over her shoulder in shock at her sister*.
    Mileena --> "Sorry sis, it's a seceret." Milenna pulls Kitana's other arm to the chicken wing position whith the other hand through the legholes*.
    Kitana --> "Owwwwww, OWwwwwww." Kitana is slowly lifted off the floor by a chicken-wing/wedgie*.
    Mileena teases and taunts her poor older sister verbally*.

    Mileena --> "Awwww, don't be embarassed. Admiting defeat won't kill you."
    Mileena bounces Kitana up softly but a painful wedgie and chicken wing makes it hurt for Kitana*.
    Kitana --> "Yes admiting defeat is humiliating." Kitana squirms and kicks as her ass and arms are getting sore*.
    Mileena --> "Don't worry sis, it will be our little seceret."
    Mileena kisses her sister on the cheek*.
    Kitana blushes and says*.

    Kitana --> "Oh ok, you can have the outfit, but please let me go*.
    Mileena lets go of Kitana and pats her behind*.
    Mileena --> "Yay, thanks sis." Mileena hugs Kitana and Kitana gives a sharp pull on Mileena's tight white cotton panties*.
    Kitana --> "Remember, don't tell anyone." Kitana hands her sister the sexy suit*.
    Mileena --> "Oh I won't sis."
    Mileena enjoys her victory until Kitana gives her sister a atomic wedgie*.
    Kitana --> "Oh my god, those are some stretchable underwear." Kitana laughes hysterically as Mileena squirms and kicks as she falls to the ground trying to unhook her wedgie over her head*.

    Mileena --> "OWWWWWW, Kitana that hurt, help me with this."
    Kitana quits laughing and helps her poor sister*.
    Kitana --> "There you go, I didn't think I could be able to pull it that high." Kitana puts the wedgie back in Mileena's shorts*.
    Mileena --> "Ohhhh, that hurt." Mileena picks it right out of her ass*.
    Kitana --> "Sis, can you help me find a suitable outfit?"
    Mileena --> "After giving me a ATOMIC WEDGIE?!?" Mileena looks pissed after her sister just pulled her panties over her head and then asks her to do a favor*.

    Kitana --> "Pleeasse?" Kitana gets on her knees and begs*.
    Mileena --> "Ok, but tonight in front of the boys, you are MY bitch. Got it?"
    Kitana --> "Got it."
    Mileena grabs a skin tight light red firegirl outfit with a tank top and mini-skirt*.
    Mileena --> "How about this?" Mileena shows her older sister*.
    Kitana --> "Hey, not bad. I'll take it." Kitana snatches the fire girl outfit from Mileena's hands with a evil grin on her face*.
    Mileena --> "Wanna try on some underwear with me?"

    Kitana --> "Sure, I could use some wedgie and spanking practice."
    Mileena puts on a tight black thong that rides deep into her ass and turns around and bends over to get used to the feel of this sexy piece of underwear*.
    Mileena --> "How does this look sis?" Mileena sways her ass back and forth to show off her lapdance moves*.
    Kitana --> "Hmmmm, not bad. I think we need something.........Tighter and shows not all of the butt. Kitana looks in a big hamper filled with tiny pairs of panties, thongs, g-strings, girl briefs, and just plain tight short-shorts*.

    Kitana --> "Aha, here is something that should work."
    Kitana pulls out a dark grey pair of very tight girl briefs that would show off 1/3 of Mileena's ass before given a good wedgie*.
    Mileena --> "Ok, one sec." Mileena tries to go change in private but Kitana stops her*.
    Kitana --> "Oh you can change here, there is nothing to hide from me." Kitana pulls the thong down off of her younger sister*.
    Mileena puts on the sexy girl briefs and notices the tightness and how sexy she looks in it*.
    Kitana --> "Daaaaamn, the boys will be droppin' their jaws at the sight of your innocent asscheeks." Kitana gives a little wedgie to show just a bit more of Mileena's buns*.
    Mileena --> "Awwwwww, thanks sis." Mileena hugs Kitana and grabs a tighty whitey girl panties that fit just right on Kitana*.
    Mileena --> "Ohhhh, here is something that you could wear." Mileena stretches the panties to see if they are durable and they prove to do the trick*.
    Kitana --> "Yeah, gimme those." Kitana snatches the super stretchy panties away from Mileena and puts them on*.
    Kitana --> "Mmmmmmm, these are comfy too." Kitana looks at her but in the mirror in approval*.

    Mileena suddenly grabs the undies and gives Kitana a atomic wedige in return for what she got earlier*.
    Kitana --> "OUCH!!!, what did I do to deserve this?"
    Kitana unhooks her wedgie*.
    Mileena --> "Ummmmm, excuse me?" Mileena puts her hands on her small curvy hips*
    Kitana blushes as she remembers what happened earlier*.

    Kitana --> "Oh yeah, that." Kitana picks the fabric out of her ass*
    Mileena --> "Oh hell no you don't." Mileena pulls them panties up back where they belong*
    Kitana --> "Heyyyyy, stop it you." Kitana reaches into Mileena's skirt and pulls some panty*.
    The girls start giving some great wedgies and spankings as they giggle and play around*.

    Cammy walks in*
    Cammy --> "What are you two hellbrats doing?" Cammy raises an eyebrow in disgust*.
    Kitana --> "Awwwwwww, is little Cammy upset that she did get invited earlier?" Kitana laughes as she pulls Mileena's undies up to her back*.
    Cammy's face gets super red as she is embarrased and runs out of the room*.

    Mileena --> "Do you think Cammy has hurt feelings?" Mileena picks out her wedgie and readjusts her skirt*.
    Kitana --> "No, she is just a drama queen brat. Better known as "Perfect Wedgie Target".
    Mileena --> "Oh." Mileena and Kitana get out of the changing room since it is about ten minuites before the Al Bhed Club opens*.
    3 hours later the Al Bhed Club opens for buisness*.

    Tina (DoA series) welcomes all of the paying customers into the club*. Tina feels some pats and pinches on her blue bikini clad butt although Tina just greets the people*.
    Tina --> "Enjoy your visit to the Al Bhed Club sir." giggles*.
    Tina shows the men and women to the avalible seats showing off her hot body*.
    Rikku walks up to one table and asks the group of men that are sitting there*.
    Rikku --> "Would you like anything to drink?" Rikku says with her soft sweet voice*.

    You --> "Ah the usual will do." You pat Rikku's butt and puts 300 gil in her thong strap*.
    Rikku --> "Okay, I will get you your drinks." Rikku walks away swaying her butt slowly and showin' it off while the money stays snug in her thong strap*.
    Christie (DoA series) is behind the counter and prepares drinks in her Hooters uniform*.
    Christie --> "Hey Rikku, need some drinks?" Christie shows off her D-cups to Rikku to taunt her little B-cups*.
    Rikku blushes*. Rikku --> "Four Jack Daniels please."

    Christie --> "FOUR huh, looks like someone is turning to become a alcoholic." Christie slaps Rikku's tush and takes the gil from Rikku's thongstrap and puts it in her tip jar*.
    Rikku --> "gasp* They aren't for me you brat. Christie just quit teasing me in front of the customers ok?" Rikku blushes*
    Christie --> "Oh alright." Christie hands Rikku the drinks*.

    Rikku --> "Thanks." Rikku takes the bottles and walks over to you and your friends*.
    Christie --> "Don't drink them all at once."
    Rikku --> "Heyyyy, I don't drink." Rikku glares at Christie and hands you your drinks and you reply with you and a friend lifting Rikku up by her thong*.
    Rikku --> "OWwwwwwiiieeeee." Rikku blushes and runs away trying to pick her wedgie while the guys at the table laugh*.
    Nel --> "Nice wedgie Rikku. Where did you get it?" Nel looks at the damage of Rikku's thong*.
    Rikku blushes and points over to you*.

    Nel walks over sexily to you and your friends in a british nanny outfit*.
    Nel --> "Well, looks like you did a number on lil Rikku, care to go a round with me?" Nel bends over the table sticking her butt up proudly*.
    In an instant, you and your friends pull Nel's fem tighty whiteys right up her crack*.
    Nel smiles and sticks her tongue out as she enjoys her wedgie*.

    Nel --> "Ok boys, time to pay up for wedgieing me." Nel turns around and expects you to put the gill in her pantyhose pocket*
    You and your friends pay a total of 1000 gil to Nel for her service*
    Millenia goes on the club stage and asks Mirage, Rayne, Cube, and Ivy to get their sexy bodies off the stage and slaps their asses while they get off the stage to lapdance some of the high paying people of the club*.

    Millenia --> "Ok boys, you know what time it is?" Millenia shows off her body in a see-through schoolgirl outfit that is very tiny so lots of clevage and tush show*.
    The crowd chants, "Wrestling, Wrestling." *
    Millenia --> "That's right and tonights wrestlers are......The twins from Outworld, Kitana and Mileena."

    The crowd goes beserk as the two sexy twins walk to the ring in their sexy outfits*.
    Mileena --> "Due to our favorite andriod being on vacation, I will be the announcer." Mileena gives Cube a fair sized pull on her g-string*.
    Cube gets a big smile on her face and turns around to shake her wedgied ass to the crowd*.
    Millenia --> "In the red corner in the firegirl outfit, Kitana." The crowd roars for Kitana as she gets on all fours and licks with her tongue at the customers and turns to flip up her skirt and wedgie herself to entertain the paying people*.

    Millenia --> "In the blue corner with the tight leather mini-skirt and the Playboy bunny tank top is none other than.......Mileena."
    The crowd screams as Mileena grinds her hips and pours two ice cold Shmirnoffs on her breasts to have the shirt seethrough*.
    Millenia --> "Now that everyone is now ready, let's get ready to wedggiiieeeeeeeeee." Millenia gets off the stage and goes over to you*.
    Mileenia --> "Who do you think is gonna win?" Millenia sits on your lap and wiggles her warm tush to get a little more than friendly with you*.
    You --> "ummmm, I don't know why?" You put one hand on her smooth leg*.

    Millenia --> "Well if you guess right I will have you come with me in the "Private lapdance room" and you can give me two wedgies of your choice for free. Sound like a good offer?"
    You --> "If I guess wrong?" You look at Millenia's tits*
    Millenia --> "You can only give me one wedgie at 300 gil if you want." Millenia sees you staring and winks at you*.
    You --> "Well, in that case I will bet on Mileena."
    Millenia --> "Hmmmm, well let's see what the match has in store."

    As both girls approach their corner to start the interesting wedgie match the girls exchange a whisper*.
    Mileena --> "Remember, tonight I get to make you my bitch." Mileena smirks and pinces Kitana's ass*.
    Kitana --> "I know, just don't make it too embarassing." Kitana whispers back*.
    Mileena --> "Ok."

    Millenia --> "Ready boys and girls, it is wedgie time." *Ding* the bell rings to start the match up*.
    Kitana hip tosses Mileena onto the mat and Millenia handsprings back onto her feet*.
    Mileena then gets into a lockup with her older sister that lead to a arm-drag*.
    Cube comes to visit a table filled with eager men and bends over the table*.
    Cube --> "Well boys, this is gonna be a interesting match up. In the meantime wanna give me some good pulls for a tiny fee?" Cube smirks at the boys as she rubs her tiny bikini that shows a lot of ass*

    Man --> "Sure, how much?" the man places his hand right above the thong*.
    Cube --> "300 gil, if that doesn't bother you that is?" Cube sways her ass very slowly to tease him into getting to wedgie her sweet soft butt*
    Man --> "Sure, it will do, I will give you two." the guy grabs and pulls the thong up to Cube's mid back*
    Cube --> "Nice, and your next one is?" Cube sticks her finger in her mouth and giggles*.
    The man lifts Cube's behind off the table and holds it for a good five seconds*.

    Man --> "There how was that?" he puts 700 gil in the back of Cube's bikini top which is followed with a slap on the butt*.
    Cube --> "Mmmmmmm, that was very good, no charge for the pat on the tush." Cube just stays bent and watches the match as she feels two people pulling hard on the tiny thong of hers*.
    Cube looks over her shoulders and sees two guys pulling that thong in deep*.
    Cube --> "Ok boys, that is 300 a piece."

    The guys put the money on the table and they go back to their table*.
    Tina --> "Hey Cube, want to give me a wedgie?" Tina smiles innocently and turns around*.
    Cube --> "I don't know what do you think boys?" Cube looks at Tina's little bikini bottom sideways*.
    Man #1 --> "YEAH."

    Man #2 --> "GO FOR IT!"
    You --> "Give Tina a damn good one Cube."
    Cube --> "Alright, let's get the tuggin' started*. Cube grabs Tina's bikini bottom with both hands and gives a good hard pull to put Tina on her tippytoes*.
    Tina ---> "Owwwwwwww, ouchie." Tina squirms and kicks her cute silky legs*.
    Cube --> "Come on you, be a big girl now." Cube gives another hard tug to tie the wedgie to Tina's matching bikini top*.
    Tina --> "Ohhhhhhh, my tush." Tina tries to pick it out but you stop her*.
    Cube --> "Good job big boy." *kisses your head*

    Cube --> "You got to wear that all night long." *devilish grin*.
    Tina --> "Awwwwwww, no fair." Tina walks away funny as she gets a few tugs from some guys*.
    Cube --> "Ok, no more freebies, just watch the match."
    Mileena puts Kitana in a boston crab position*.
    Kitana --> "Ack!" Kitana kicks her strong legs to flip her younger sister off of her*
    Kitana flips up her little sister's skirt and grabs some panty*.
    Mileena --> "Oh my don't, please don't."

    Kitana --> "Oh yes, wedgie time." Kitana pulls Mileena's cute panties up her tushie at a fair speed and due to pain and embarassment she tries to crawl to the ropes for a rope break*.
    Kitana --> "Oh no you don't, you need a good wedgie."
    Kitana starts to give teasing and painful tugs which makes Mileena's ass buck in a rythem*.
    Mileena --> "OWWWIEEE, OWWWWWW, OWWWWWWWWW." Mileena keeps trying to reach for the rope and after five seconds, she grabs the rope and holds on for dear life*.
    Ivy --> "Let her go Kitana." Ivy grabs Kitana's ass and gives a naughty glare*.
    Kitana --> "Buuuut? Kitana tries to pout so she can continue*.

    Ivy --> "No." *WHAP* right on Kitana's cute firegirls ass*.
    Kitana --> "AAAAACK!!!" Kitana let's go and hops and rubs her spanked ass*.
    Mileena picks the fabric right out of her sore ass*.

    The men and women whistle at the sight of Mileena picking her wedgie*.
    Mileena blushes in a little humiliation and grapples Kitana and puts her in a powerbomb position*.
    *WEDGIE WEDGIE WEDGIE* The crowd chants in excitement and pleasure*.

    Mileena --> "Time for YOUR humiliation." Mileena flips up the little red leather fire girl skirt* and pulls the panties to a thong to expose Kitana's hot ass-cheeks*.
    Mileena --> "Well well, looks like this ass needs a spankin'." Mileena pats Kitana's ass to signal a good spanking, the crowd erupts and cheers on the little sexy girl Mileena*.

    Kitana --> "Nooooo, come on sis, I didn't do that bad to you." Kitana whines and complains because she is gonna get a damn good punishing*.
    Mileena --> "READY BOYS AND GIRLS?!?" Mileena raises her hand above Kitana's ass*.
    *SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK* the crowd chants intensly*.
    *SLAP* right on Kitana's sweet innocent ass*.
    Kitana --> "OWWWW." Kitana's ass wiggles as she is trying to break free*.


    Mileena --> "How is this, brat?" Mileena uses her other hand to wedgie Kitana*.
    Kitana --> "OWWWWWWWW, STOP PLEASE!!"
    Mileena --> "NO WAY." *SLAP, SLAP* Kitana screams as her underwear stretches up her ass and p**sy*.
    Ivy --> "Oh my, looks like Kitana is now the bitch of the sisters now huh?" Ivy raises a eyebrow and looks at the humiliation of Kitana*.
    Kitana --> "NO MORE, NO MORE." Kitana cries in a plea for mercy*.

    Mileena grabs the wedgie by both hands and pulls it over her head and hooks it on the forehead and pulls the thong part like a rope to lift Kitana's sexy curved ass into the air*.
    Kitana --> "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." Kitana squirms wildly*.

    Ivy --> "Ok, ten more seconds then you got to let go Mileena." Ivy pats Mileena's ass for good luck*.
    Mileena smiles at Ivy and pulls Kitana's underwear higher and higher and then holds her undies in place with one hand and resumes the grand spanking*.
    at the last second Kitana screams*.

    Mileena lets go of the super wedgied underwear and puts Kitana back on the ground*.
    Kitana --> "Owwwwwww, Ouch ouch ouch. My ass, why did you do that to me?" Kitana pouts and turns away from Mileena*.
    Mileena --> "You've been doing this to me for over 8 years, I think you deserved it." Mileena picks the wedgie right out of Kitana's ass*.
    Kitana --> "Ohhhh, thanks sis." Kitana starts to rub her red sore buns*.

    Millenia --> "And the winner is, Mileena. Show this sexy bitch a good round of applause for such a great performance*.
    The crowd cheers Mileena for her victory*.
    The twins go into the locker room and Millenia walks over to you sexually*.
    Millenia --> "Good guess big boy, you get two free wedgies in the private room." Millenia gets you up and walks over with you to the private room shaking her ass and you have a huge smile on your face*.

    As you and Millenia enter a private lapdance room Millenia looks over her shoulder with a sexy smirk and asks.*
    Millenia --> "So, what kinds of wedgies are you gonna give my sweet ass?" Millenia winks at you and blows a kiss from her ruby red lucious lips*.
    You --> "First, I will give you a bucking wedgie." You put your hand on Millenia's side and Millenia giggles and gets on all fours for you*.
    Millenia --> "Is this the position you want me in baby?" Millenia shakes her ass teasingly and sticks it up proudly to have you give her a damn good pull on her sexy tight silk fabric covering her intimate area, not her ass*.

    You --> "Damn, how much would I pay for a spanking?" You rub Millenia's ass*.
    Millenia --> "Usually about 300 gil for 5 slaps but for you I will let you get away with 20 free slaps on each cheek. IF...... you make me squeal, deal?" Millenia raises an eyebrow and smirks at you.*

    You --> "Deal." You start pulling the thong deep and hard into Millenia which causes her sexy curvatious ass to buck back and forth vigorously*.
    You --> "Tell me when you had enough." You tease Millenia by giving soft tugs after you say that.*
    Millenia --> "Come on, I know you could do better." Millenia at you and sighs as you dissapoint her due to a weak series of tugs*.
    BOOM, you start to really give it to Millenia as you start to use all your muscles in pulling Millenia's thong deeper and deeper into her.*
    Millenia gasps*.

    Millenia --> "MMMMMMMMM, now that is what I am talking about." Millenia bucks her ass more wildly as she enjoys the pressure of the tightening wedgie*.
    You --> "Ok, enough child's play, next wedgie it is for you." You lift Millenia back to her feet by her underwear*.
    Millenia --> "Mmmmmmmm, you found that child's play, I am getting turned on, don't hold back with this one." Millenia sticks her butt out about one inch from your private parts*.
    You --> "You will squeal like a little bratty schoolgirl that you are." You put your hands on Millenia's thong and bolt the thong right up and over Millenia's head with one single pull and you hang her on a ceiling hook that was made to withstand wedgies*.

    Millenia --> "Oh my goodness, you are strong." Millenia's nipples become fully erect as she feels you pulling down on her legs till she is on her tippytoes*.
    You --> "You like that?" You pinch Millenia's cute left butt cheek*.
    Millenia blushes immensly and replies*.

    Millenia --> "Yes, I do." Millenia sways her ass ever so slowly to some soft music in the room*.
    You --> "Time for the next coarse." You bounce Millenia up and down higher and higher with each and every pull*.
    Millenia --> "YESSS, DON'T STOP!!!!!" Millenia moans*.

    You then hold her shoulder to keep her down and you other hand pulls the thong from Millenia's ass, to her neck*.
    Millenia --> "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. uuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh. So good." Millenia squeals and squats to intensify the wedgie and begs you to spank her*.
    Millenia --> "Spank me, spank me please." Millenia sticks her ass up high and expects that her ass will be toned red as her overstretched thong*.
    You --> "Good girl, now it is spanking time." *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* (each slap is with a paddle you found which spanks both of Millenia's buns) *SLAP* *SLLLAP*
    Millenia --> "Oh, I am so turned on right now." Millenia moans and groans as she feels the *SLAPS* intensify and strike harder*.

    Millenia --> "Ohhhh yesssss, HARDER!!!" Millenia sticks her ass out farther and........*THWWWWWWWAAAAACKKK* the paddle breaks over Millenia's sexy curved ass*.
    Millenia --> "UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHH." Millenia moans and cums in her thong*.

    You --> "There you go baby." You rub your hand on Millenia's back and Millenia pushes you onto the chair which is right in front of her*.
    Millenia --> "I want it now." Millenia unzips your pants and still dangles from the wedgie*.

    You --> "Are you gonna?" You look nervously at a very horney Millenia*.
    Millenia --> "HELL YES, YOU EARNED IT." Millenia starts to entertain your......friend with her ruby red lips and in her mouth.*
    You let out a moan as Millenia gives it all she got towards your reward.*

    You --> "Oh yes, just like that. that's it baby." You grab a hold of two bars that are on each side of your for dear life as you explode in her mouth*.
    Millenia --> "Mmmmmmmmmm. *licks lips* you better come back to this place." Millenia has a wicked big smile on her beautiful face and slides her hands on her ass to feel the burn of the spanking*.

    You --> "Oh I will." You let Millenia down and gives her a good pat on that ass and then slip 1000 gil into her bra strap*.
    Millenia --> "Thanks, I hope you will have.....more fun with me another time." Millenia slips the money back in your front pocket and leads you out to the main room*.
    You leave a much happier person*.

    After you leave the private lap dance room with a big smile on your face and on Millenia's you see that two stunning beauties are in the doorway*.
    Man --> "Whoa, guys look, Tifa and 18 are back." Everyone gets up off their seats and shows a round of applause for Tifa and Android 18*.
    Rikku --> "TIFA!!!!." Rikku runs over and hugs Tifa*.

    Tifa --> "Yes yes, we're back." Tifa hugs back and gives Rikku a little pull on her thong*.
    Rikku --> "Owwwieee. Tifa that's not nice." Rikku Pouts.

    Tina --> "Great that you girls are back." Tina walks over to 18*.
    18 --> "Thanks." 18 pats Tina's bikini clad butt*.
    Millenia --> "Well, nice to have you girls back at so late." Millenia sounds upset due to the bar having to close in a half an hour*.
    Ivy --> "Relax, we are open all night tomorrow." Ivy gives a swift hard jerk to Millenia's thong*.

    18 --> "Ivy, looks like you've improved." 18 smiles and enjoys the site of Millenia being lifted up by her tiny overstretched thong*.
    Tifa --> "Ok guys, bar is closed due to clean up, sorry."

    Tifa helps some people get out of their chairs and cleans with the girls feeling a few more hands on her butt as they pass by then usual*.
    Tina --> "The boys really have missed you haven't they Tifa?" Tina looks at Tifa as she gets her butt slapped softly by the guys*.
    Tifa blushes*.
    Tifa --> "Yeah they do huh?"

    The End
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    This might be a little too hardcore for some and if anyone is offended. I am truly sorry.


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      ummm... even I don't know if yuri fanfiction is allowed here. And even the style of format is questionable.
      and did you get it from this source?

      By the way, Desmonthes is still a cookie.[/B][/COLOR]


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        This does seem more... oriented for the Hentai section....

        Or.. at least post a warning at the start....

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          I posted this story on the other site and on a different site.


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            oh I guess I should say I'm known as Wedge_Master on two other sites that I go to.


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              So you felt the need to spam your poorly written fan fiction here as well?


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                don't start a flame. I'm sure my style of writing is different to say the least but there is no need to be rude.


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                  I enjoyed, specially the wedge part


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                    thanks Haloman.


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                      Originally posted by Cyrano View Post
                      So you felt the need to spam your poorly written fan fiction here as well?
                      I agree.

                      Dude, grow up, learn English, and then come back.

                      I mean, for god sakes, it's extremely hard to read with no spacing. It's like you don't want anyone to read it and won't put in the effort to make your written work to be neat and professional.
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                        Wall of text! Whooa!


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                          This was hilarious, I'm laughing still. Hongfire idol, fanfic edition.
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                            Ever heard of You put it up there too... Users can even review it and comment on what they think.

                            I agree.

                            Dude, grow up, learn English, and then come back.

                            I mean, for god sakes, it's extremely hard to read with no spacing. It's like you don't want anyone to read it and won't put in the effort to make your written work to be neat and professional.
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                              Originally posted by Whoaness View Post
                              I agree.

                              Dude, grow up, learn English, and then come back.

                              I mean, for god sakes, it's extremely hard to read with no spacing. It's like you don't want anyone to read it and won't put in the effort to make your written work to be neat and professional.
                              Look, it has been a while since I posted the story, I just copied it from the last site I went to.

                              So with spacing, don't be a pompous a$$. I didn't force you to read it, you did so on your own accord.