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Need advise for a good camera (not too expansive)

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  • Need advise for a good camera (not too expansive)

    I would like to get a camera so I can capture some good memories so I can watch when I get older.

    Can you pros recommend me a good camera that's not too expansive? under $600 maybe? That's good and can work good in low lights, and good with fast moving objects. I noticed pictures I take with my phone 8MP looks really bad when taken in low light condition.

    Last year I was thinking to get DMC LX3 but didn't have extra money to do that.

    I saw DMC LX5 is out already but it's still 10MP. Is it better to get a camera with higher Mega pixel? I saw some of them are 14MPs but they are cheaper than the DMC LX5 or LX3's 10MP. how come?

    So are there any new good camera out nowadays that's not too expansive and good for learners like me?

    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

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    So what did you decide in the end HongFire? o.O
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