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Blood's Amateur Nature Photography *Update October 9th, 2013*

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  • Blood's Amateur Nature Photography *Update October 9th, 2013*

    Heh, it was 5:00 am and I still couldn't get to sleep so I decided today would be a great day to try out my new Pentax k-r camera + 18-55mm lens. Early morning sunshine being the best time to take pictures so I spent the next four hours running around outside. Who could possibly go to Uni classes when the day is so glorious? Especially since sunny days are a rare occurrence here.

    But yes, like I said, these were all taken literally three to four hours ago~

    I'll arrange it by categories;


    *Update October 9th 2013*

    *Update October 2nd 2012*

    *Update September 19th 2012*

    *Update August 31st 2012*

    *Update August 12th 2012*

    *Update July 17th 2012*

    Note: In my opinion most of my "good" photos are in the update links above. With more recent being where I have more experience with the camera. This post is the first day I took shots with the camera so I think they're relatively not as good.



    Update(14.6.12) Landscape Part 2- Added eight pics from same outing~










    I was hilariously sleep deprived at the point of taking these pics so its hard to say if they are objectively good beyond my own biased opinion. Although I'll admit I'm still a complete beginning amateur to photography.

    Comments, criticisms, and constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.

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    If you counted 89 including the water then I was pretty close, because I counted about 17-18 in the water and one on top of a rock. But you said DUCKS ON THE GRASS so I only counted the ducks on the grass!

    Prize? Well, more cat pics are always appreciated!


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      you're welcome, Blood and hi there, stuky! 69 and 89 are both in the garden of my mind. i love them so.

      here, you might get an idea what flowers to cultivate next:

      have a great day over there! broader smiles are beautiful! 'till later!

      update: you are two good guys.
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        That's understandable. I'd say only a very, very small proportion of the people who read something actually comment or rate stories. I wouldn't say it's quite nearly the 1% rule but it's almost there. Lurking is the absolute easiest thing to do!

        Like my photo thread had 5k views with 50 comments. That's around 1%... except most of the comments are done by the same people.
        I'm posting in Bloodmage's photo thread because I believe in Bloodmage.


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          Originally posted by Abicion View Post
          I'm posting in Bloodmage's photo thread because I believe in Bloodmage.
          Hahaha, Thanks! I should definitely post another update then! But all I have on hand are flowers and cats!





          BONUS: View of the Swiss Alps I took from my Trip several months ago.

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          Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


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            Thank you. I was under heavy stress working on the site and fixing some bugs. But after looking at your photos it lightened up my mood and make me feel less stressful and happier. Thanks BloodmageR
            What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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              Those are some amazing-looking flowers, but I have to give the edge to the cats for posterity reasons.

              In summary:

              Swiss Alps =
              Flowers =
              Kitties =


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                Those landscape pictures are really nice, especially the random log with a hole, theres something about it