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Japan Snaps - 56K = Death (You have been warned...)

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  • Japan Snaps - 56K = Death (You have been warned...)

    A small look into the life I head while walking through Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and occasionally Yokohama.

    I have decided NOT to do a 'hide' tag since it's bloody annoying to have to click EVERY single photo. Hell, if you're this far, you probably have cable-internet or simply are too illiterate to read this thread's title.

    Try Dropping Your Phone... good luck getting it back.


    Two university students having lunch next to the beach

    Imagine my surprise when I was walking along Makuhari Beach, Chiba - a beach notoriously known for having several bodies and body parts wash up after the Tsunami - and suddenly saw the back of what appeared to be a severed head... OH MY FFFFING GOD.....

    Well I took my time and made a VERY large arc around the head until I could 'see' it with my zoom lens...

    Jeezus Christ....

    Wan wan!

    Shinjuku Alley

    Oceanside Park

    Setting Sun

    View from our new studio.

    Dat's a Lotta Cops!

    Team Pro-G (and those of you up on your big-business news in Japan will recognize 2 of the individuals here, both of which escaped jail-time!)

    I play airsoft (survival game) as a hobby here in Japan. It's fun, cheap and a good way to work out aggression.

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    Very impressive set of photos! All extremely high quality so nicely crisp and interesting stories behind each pic. I love the sunset since it's just a brilliant surreal colour contrast. Hahah, badass group of airsoft players as well. I think Tann is the only other HF member that plays that survival game, he definitely makes it sound like good fun.

    I remember back when I was in the middle of the occupy Montreal group there was at least 50 police officers all in a group like that, although they looked more serious... sadly only took a pic of me in the area and with a suboptimal camera.

    Heh, I have to agree with you about the spoilers. If you were to post 30 photos or if they were to be larger then it would be slightly more of a hassle but as it is now it's definitely fine.

    Thanks for sharing the pics! Keep up the good work and here take a +rep!

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      When I read the title, I was like "Ooo", then came into the thread
      and got completely different results. Oh well.

      Still, very nice shots.
      How many days did it take to get all of these?


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        There isn't actually a need to tag each image seperately, when you can collect them all in a single spoiler.

        Anyway, nice photos.

        ja ne


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          Didn't understand what the title mean but wth..
          Very beautiful pictures good sir. Especially those scenery photos... maybe i should start going out more

          [Dream Up]Reality is what you shape it to be.


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            Everything is so beautiful. Oceanside Park and Setting Sun are my favorites. God bless you for bringing LIGHT to the world!


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              Originally posted by darkandshadow View Post
              When I read the title, I was like "Ooo", then came into the thread
              and got completely different results. Oh well.

              Still, very nice shots.
              How many days did it take to get all of these?
              Thank you. These were taken over the course of 4 separate days. My job requires me to carry around a camera and a bag of lenses and lighting gear, so I typically just keep the camera on a strap slung under my arm (BlackRapid strap). On my private Facebook account, I have 97 -FULL- (200 pictures/per) albums of -ONLY- Japan... so that kind of explains just how many photos I take on an average day. Factor that in with the fact I carry 5 cameras on me at all times (2X 8mp cell phone cameras, 1X point & shoot & 2 DSLR's), I'm typically ready to shoot the next earthquake, car crash or Spy-Hunter JSDF Naval vessel.

              And to the rest of you, thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Cheers.


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                A shot from the Pozland Photography Studio 24th-floor window. Cheers to the end of a Wednesday!


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                  For some reason i really like the photo of the alley.
                  Don't know how to explain it, I just like it.
                  Maybe because it feels old, a place you see kids run by playing, people taking it easy and such?

                  anyway all your photo's look nice to me


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                    I really like the colors in last, city photo.
                    Reminds me good-old film photography.
                    "The ability to try hard is a talent too"


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                      While I won't spam the site, i wonder if anyone would be interested if I post my top pics and choices from my life here in Tokyo. Currently on my private account on Facebook, I have 94 albums, each full of 200 images from here in Japanaland.



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                        Ever thought about hosting these albums on image sites? I would personally
                        allow you to link to Flickr or Photobucket in your signature to fully showcase
                        your work.

                        I know you can create albums inside your profile as well to share images, but
                        if you have that kind of


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                          Actually, these images are hot-linked to my Flickr account
                          Shall I continue posting, or hold off?


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                            You have a thumbs up from me.

                            Still, if the images are bigger than 800px x 600px, they will need to be in
                            spoiler tags.


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                              A few shots from Akihabara the other weekend - Otaku methods of transportation.

                              A deliberate un-focused image from Akiba