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Japan Snaps - 56K = Death (You have been warned...)

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    Oh dear lord...those vehicles have been
    Sweet shots though, keep it up!


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      Kamen Rider!

      More otaku riders

      Yuri - one of the models for our charity calendar

      Shot from my photo studio.

      Japan isn't always a concrete jungle... at least not out in this portion of Chiba. However walking along this stretch of ocean brings back very numbing memories. After the earthquake and tsunami last year, I was part of a group helping clean up the rubble and clutter that was washing up - this included bodies and dead children who were floating on TOP of the floatsam. Sometimes I really hate living here but I guess it seems for all the wrong reasons.


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        fuck yes, finaly!!!
        I was getting tired searching around the forum for this thread, sigh....
        anyway lets get to the point.

        If you don't mind i would like to use your pictures in one of my reports
        I have to collect quotes, images & building designs for my assignment
        it's something i have to do to dig deeper into myself, and find my preferences/style as future architect.
        and to be honest i have taken a real liking to certain pictures you toke.

        Personally I find the it very interesting how the designs and visual appearence of the buildings let it look like something imperfect or chaotic.
        but at the same time it gives off a positive and living mood.
        it's very different from dutch architecture that always wants everything clean and "perfect"

        anyway, i would like your permission


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          Please send me a private message with the details.


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            Landmark Tower, Sakuragicho/Minatomirai Yokohama

            Shortly after sunrise from near the top of Mt. Fuji

            Almost at the top of Mt. Fuji

            Beyond Station 9, again, on Mt. Fuji

            Downtown Shinjuku

            No space is wasted in Tokyo. Seriously.


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              Aquamarine, your photos on Mt. Fuji are simply astonishing. Thank you very much for sharing such majestic views with us. It really stimulates a hiker's heart to the core!

              Dragonewt, Doll, Ghost, Scylla, Centaur, Queen Bee, Lamia.


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                Ready for action...

                Sakuragicho Bokeh

                Sakuragicho/Minatomirai Ferris Wheel

                Heading Up Mt. Fuji

                Resting about 80% of the way up - still hadn't hit -6C yet.

                Saving the best one for last.

                Cheers folks.


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                  View from the top - Good Morning from Mt. Fuji

                  Good evening - another perspective

                  Makuhari-Messe during a time of no events.


                  The perils of using ISO12,000....

                  Mixing Cultures


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                    Did you say something?

                    I've never seen a boy happier to be picking onions that one of my nephews.

                    Holy shit, it's daikon!


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                      Hey aquamarine
                      Amazing pictures! What kind of settings did you use for the "View from our new studio" picture? And is an HDR shot? I can't really tell.


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                        That view of the scenic night city is amazing. I could look at it all day.
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