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Icebergs, mountains, dogs and Greenland

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  • Icebergs, mountains, dogs and Greenland

    So, my Greenland vacation in Ilulissat (or Jakobshavn, if you prefer the Danish name) finally ended and I brought you all some nice, icy souvenirs with me.
    All in all I've shot around 1.500 photos with my FinePix S5800. These here are my favourites out of the bunch. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed to shoot them!

    Here are icebergs of all sizes and shapes:

    Hotel Arctic is currently the northernmost 4 Star Hotel of the planet. And these metallic, luxurious Igloos are no doubtly its main attraction.

    Greenland dog whelps. Ilulissat is home of over 2.500 sledge hounds.

    (two videos, hosted on photobucket)
    This dog race cannot bark, only howl/cry/laugh or whatever this hyena-like sound is they make is called.
    And as you can clearly hear in the video... it gets on your nerves really quickly.

    My best shot of the Aurora, taken at the top of the old Heliport in Ilulissat. T'was a great sight to behold... but sadly my camera couldn't quite capture it. :/

    Mmmh.... mossberries~!

    Greenland is the official home of Santa Claus. As such, you'll find various memorials like this where ever you go. Santa Claus' mailbox is also located in Ilulissat.

    The old, but not forgotten, graveyard near the heliport.

    These are the drinkwater lakes of Ilulissat.

    Gotta love this morning sky. Almost like a painting ain't it?

    On one of my hiking tours, I met a camera crew who filmed the ruins of Sermermiut; one of the largest Inuit ruins on Greenland.

    Last but not least: the one and only me and behind me stranded, 56 meters towering icebergs.

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    Pity the photo of the aurora didn't turn out as great as it could. Other than that, very nice photos. I espeically liked the hotel and mossberries ones.

    @last photo: Nice boat. Also, nice shades and headband (?).

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      Wow, spectacular photos! Knowing first-hand how difficult it is to capture amazing landscape shots makes it all the more impressive!

      Yeah I was hoping/looking forward to seeing a thread with all of your photos from the trip. Would you recommend the experience as being particularly great and what you were expecting? I know being out among ice bergs always feels quite cool. But yeah, It looks to me that you most certainly had a fantastic time there. I take it that you didn't see too many Muskox, seals, deer, foxes, etc. then? (although I know how difficult those are to find!)

      I love the lighting along with water motion effects on all of your iceberg shots. Good motive shots are always hard to take. The lighting gives a nice contrast among the blues, like the 22nd pic has at least 4-5 different shades of blue. My personal favorite is the sun directly in the center overhead casting a straight line across the ice and water. Those are always cool and incredibly lucky to get! Great surreal colours in this pic too. All-in-all a very professional set of photos!

      Ahahaha, that second sledgedogs video does make it seem horribly annoying, I hope they weren't like that the entire time! Although the first video was cute and peaceful with all the pups running around in the snow.

      Thanks for sharing all of these pics from your trip!

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        fu'ken awesome man
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          Heheh, thanks Rick. These ain't shades but your average self-darkening glasses.
          The sun refleced by all that water, snow and ice really darkened them though. I think the average UV index on that day was easily around 99.

          And indeed, "nice" boat. The captain certainly mistook his small tourist boat for an icebreaker.

          Here's said boat in action! Felt a bit like I was traveling on the Titanic... especially when we literally "rammed" an iceberg!

          Thanks to you too, BloodmageR. Indeed, it was difficult to get good pictures there. At times I was being snow-blinded, at others the wind blowed at wind force 9. But the most difficults I had were at twilight and night. I tried every single camera setting and manual blenders at my disposal with little to no avail. I really cursed this thrice-cursed camera of mine when I tried to took the aurora shots. ¬o( ̄- ̄メ)

          No, the only animals I spotted were greenland dogs, crows, arctic sea gulls and humans. The inland ice is 650 km away from Ilulissat. As such, the chances to see muskoxen at the Disco Bay is very slim, especially at this time of the year. The Kalaliit, Tunumiit and Inughuit people are all traditional hunters and fishermen, meaning it's like a death wish for seals to be around their settlements. You'd have to go further into the wilds to catch a glims of them. Whales are a common sight in summer in Ilulissat though, but even they traveled further north in autumn.

          The fresh snow made some hiking routes rather... inaccessible. While being at the top of an 300 meter mountain is very pretty, the snow being whipped into your face by orcan-like winds ain't exactly entertaining. Well, at least for non-masochists. Many attractions or tours where shut down: whale safaris without whales around is a no-brainer, sledge hound tours were also affected by the masses of fresh snow, the kayak clubs were closed due to the water being below the freezing point and the helicopter tours to the most producing glacier of the northern hemisphere were waaaaay too expensive (really... 1,5 hours for 2.895 DKK up to 3.395 DKK? No, thank you!).

          But the bright side is that the off-season is much, much cheaper than the main ones. That, and few to no other tourists at all around you makes it feel like you're the only one alive in the world. All in all it was a great experience for "only" 2.300€. Truth be told, I have no clue whatsoever how anyone could afford the main season prices over there.

          You're quite right, blozzee. It was a fu'ken awesome vacation!
          Last edited by Kamigoroshi; 10-17-2012, 03:14 PM. Reason: The second boat video took longer to upload than I thought :/

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            ^ Hahaha, yeah, nice boat. Traveling on a nice semi-icebreaker class ship is always great fun! The pack ice there wasn't too thick so I'm not too surprised a little ship could break through it. Back in the day people used little wooden schooners to break through that ice!

            I'm not surprised that you didn't see any whales since the main whale season is the same over here. From early June to late July while they're filling up on all the capelin/krill for the year. Ah, that's a bit sad that you didn't see any more *Unique* animals out there. I was hoping for some national geographic style photography of animals on the pack ice. Hehe, but yeah, regardless it still looks like an awesome experience. I have no idea why it would cost that much money. Eco-tourism isn't generally that expensive in the far north so it's a bit surprising. Must be more of an extremely popular thing to do than I realized. Surprising with the helicopter tours, it really shouldn't be nearly that expensive and that's always been a *must-do* sort of thing while you're up there, or at least it has always seemed that way. I can understand having it much less crowded with other tourists is a HUGE plus while you're up there. Part of the main attraction is the feeling of being away from the rest of humanity.

            Hahahah, absolutely great to hear "It was a fu'ken awesome vacation!"

            Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


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              Love the photos. Did you shoot in JPG or RAW format? I might suggest cleaning up the lighting on a few of them and they could turn out even more stunning.


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                BloodmageR, Greenland is indeed very expensive. Nothing there is cheap, be it as an normal tourist or eco-tourist.

                First of all, the only airline who flies there is Air Greenland (well, Air Iceland also flies to Greenland... but only in summer). My own flights with Air Greenland started from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq to Assiat to Ilulissat and back.
                These flights alone did cost me around 9.000 DKK in Economic Restrictive! Of course, I also needed to catch a separate flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen as well.
                Then you have the very high hotel costs. For example, I booked a single room at Hotel Icefjord (3 stars, incl. breakfast). One night costed me 850 DKK there (f.y.i. the same room would cost 1550 DKK in the main season).

                To reach other settlements in Greenland you have yet again to fly with Air Greenland and their hideously high prices. To some degree you can also use ships, but even they do not come cheap.

                Personally, the only tours I'd recommend are the Icefjord boat tours; for mere 500 DKK you have a 2,5 hour shutter chance with your camera. The shortest sledgehound tour is also 2,5 hours long but cost around 850 DKK. And I've already mentioned the ridiculously high helicopter tour prices in my last post. There are also hiking tours with guides for 250 DKK or so for those who can't read a hiking maps. But I think that's only really interesting for elders and camera crews.

                Thanks aquamarine!
                I fear the FujiFilm FinePix S5800 model I use can only shoot in JPG format. The quality however is 8Mbit F, and all of my photos have a resolution of 3264x2448. I've shrinked these here down to 800x600 in order to make them at tad more forum-friendly though. I'm indeed planning to calibrate them in Photoshop at some point... but to tell the truth I currently don't have the time nor the nerves to do that right now with this huge amount of photos.

                Here a couple more photos of Ilulissat. With astonishing 5.600 people it is the third largest "city" of Greenland.

                Nice looking homes.

                Yep, they even have two city bus lines up there. Kind of surprising considering the whole city isn't even three kilometres long.

                Nice quarry at the end of the city.

                The thing we all waited ages to see: Greenlandic grafitty in all its glory at the back of an super market!

                The harbour.

                A nice shot of the power plant and the city.

                One of the two churches in Ilulissat. Very old to boot.

                I like the Greenlandic flag; the mirror effect makes it rather stylish I think.

                Something cool and and wet for a change.

                This one is from the Kangerlussuaq Airport. Interesting to look at to say the least.

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