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2013 Tokyo Auto Salon @ Makuhari Messe, Chiba (56k = Death)

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  • 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon @ Makuhari Messe, Chiba (56k = Death)

    Took me a day of processing and going through just over 3,000 images but finally getting some of the 'cute' photos out and thrown up. I had several folks on another forum asking about tiny minute details so I'll throw up a bunch. I'll also be putting up the photos in batches of 7-8 per post so that we can at least save some bandwidth if people want to view a few but not EVERYTHING at the same time and as such, I am not using the 'spoiler' tag since they are going to load regardless (tested that via my phone, via tethering and using my Wifi at home - exact same load stats).

    Nikon D7000
    SB900 Flash
    Tamron 10-24mm lens

    Nikon D90
    No Flash
    Sigma 70-200mm lens

    Date: Friday January the 11th, 2013
    At Makuhari-Messe, Halls 1 through 8, Chiba, Japan

    Since I'm not posting everything up at once, I'll spread it over a couple days, hope that doesn't piss off any cyber-tough-guys. I should note as well that there are several close-ups in the first post taken with the D90, the full-body shots will come later.


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    Yes, that's a minivan GTR...

    That's all for now. Cheers.


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      Yes that's a Nissan Juke.

      Everything that is blue is actually EL wire so when the lights are off, the entire interior glows

      This car is made ENTIRELY out of clay and is hand-made by an amateur. Pretty damn good!

      That should take care of things for today. More to come tomorrow.


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        That car with eyelashes creeps me out.

        Dragonewt, Doll, Ghost, Scylla, Centaur, Queen Bee, Lamia.


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            The GTR Minivan

            Sadly, the interior is a little dull but... oh well.

            Haha... I get it...


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              ooh.. the lot of these are come-worthy. also, maybe that white interior with glow-in-the dark wires would make me take learning driving more seriously (can't drive safely yet).


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                The two Ferraris look badass. I laughed at the GT-R fascias on the small Nissan there, it's so silly. The Lexus CT looks good too.
                The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Philips Enterprises, or they ain't going!


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                  Featured in a new version of GranTurismo

                  Toyota AE86

                  Of course, live DJ's - something that hasn't really happened at past Auto Salons.


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                    The hell?

                    Oni Camber - a majority of the vehicles had this camber-tilt this year including the 'stock' vehicles showcased by Subaru, Ford (yes, Ford was there), Nissan and Toyota.

                    ... yea... .... just yea.

                    Amateur photographers clamoring to photograph the ex-porn-stars that were modeling for this display. One was a 'JR Model' (began doing softcore bikini/lingerie stuff before she was 18) and the other is well known for... well.. banging her dad. No thanks.


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                      Batman's AE86


                      Two of the four girls featured as this years 'Auto Salon Chairgirls'

                      Hell yes, Aston.

                      Now for those who've never been to the Tokyo Auto Salon, imagine this building... and the two building's of the same size adjoining this hall on either side... PLUS one more across the street connected by sky-walk... and a 3-acer field (yea, frucking HUGE for Japan, eh?) temporarily paved (seriously, the pavement is gone today) where a drifting competition is held. Then you can grasp how sexy, sweet, erotic, boner-inducing, drip-forming, wet-panty-grooming of an even this really is.

                      This Is The Auto Salon. Welcome.


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                        Mami & Yuriko, two of our girls from the agency.

                        Huh? What's that? It has English written on the back... let's get a closer peek to see what it says!

                        ... what the hell? "Dear the man of going his own way doesn't be influenced by the other person. The new proposition reported by Butterfly System. Go through the limited way. Let's found up. With the Leader The name of Butterfly System." .... what the SHIT does that mean?


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                          My buddy Maru, a child prodigy genius with mechanics - he assisted in the designing of the Nissan Juke. Feel free to put on the hate....

                          Air suspension

                          Me too.


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                            VW Delight.

                            A trike produced for Japanese roads that requires a regular drivers license.


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                              Why yes, she still looks sexy with lens distortion....