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2013 Tokyo Auto Salon @ Makuhari Messe, Chiba (56k = Death)

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  • 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon @ Makuhari Messe, Chiba (56k = Death)

    Took me a day of processing and going through just over 3,000 images but finally getting some of the 'cute' photos out and thrown up. I had several folks on another forum asking about tiny minute details so I'll throw up a bunch. I'll also be putting up the photos in batches of 7-8 per post so that we can at least save some bandwidth if people want to view a few but not EVERYTHING at the same time and as such, I am not using the 'spoiler' tag since they are going to load regardless (tested that via my phone, via tethering and using my Wifi at home - exact same load stats).

    Nikon D7000
    SB900 Flash
    Tamron 10-24mm lens

    Nikon D90
    No Flash
    Sigma 70-200mm lens

    Date: Friday January the 11th, 2013
    At Makuhari-Messe, Halls 1 through 8, Chiba, Japan

    Since I'm not posting everything up at once, I'll spread it over a couple days, hope that doesn't piss off any cyber-tough-guys. I should note as well that there are several close-ups in the first post taken with the D90, the full-body shots will come later.


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        Darkness.... delicious.

        The Liberty Walk Limo - it's rated to contain 10 people... but more than 5 and it bottoms out... and that's 5 Japanese people so we ain't talkin' you North'murkan folk with your double-decker chocolate hamburgers with an extra serving of greased cutlets.


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            Two of the engineers (Left) and the driver (Right)

            Keiira-chan, one of our girls.


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              I almost came at the Lexus LFA

              by the way, the picture you labeled Aston, it's a Bentley, and the one below is an Audi R8
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              If I Ever Become an Anime Villain, an Evil-Overlord-inspired list.


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                Wow, the RX7 got its big wing. They're still donning the Hummer? The last time I saw a Hummer was a year ago. I still notice the GT86 that looks like an R8. Funny.
                The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Philips Enterprises, or they ain't going!


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                            that'll be a bitch to clean...

                            You see that paint job... that's not exactly paint... if you walk up to it, you can FEEL the ridges - they're about 3mm deep. Damn...

                            Tripping on shrooms at the Auto Salon


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