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Hope i posted this correctly :)

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  • Hope i posted this correctly :)

    I am new to the 3d Girl evolution but i am impressed with the customization and creative art you can create
    and take stunning photos of.

    Below are some of my recent photos i was stunned when i checked the snapshots folder they came out great!

    [Edit] Hmm cant seem to figure out how to display images

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    i think you need to use other image hosts like photobucket, imagebam to name a few.


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      sith is correct. You also need to take that direct URL of the image and wrap it in [IMG] tags.
      Just as a heads up though, if you plan on linking a fairly large image (more than 640px X 480px)
      please use the [SPOILER] tags as well.

      So, for example:
      And with spoiler tags:
      Note to replace "<" with "[" and ">" with "]". Even in code view, it activates the scripts.

      Hopefully that clears it up.


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        It should also be noted that this forum section is for displaying photographs taken with cameras. Screencaps and CG go elsewhere, if that is what you are doing.

        ja ne