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Where can I learn how to use a camera?

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  • Where can I learn how to use a camera?


    Recently a friend who is leaving left my a good camera, and some stuff. I've tried to do some videos, but I'm not satisfied with the result: I have no idea how some technical things are working.

    I find some classes about this in my town, but they are costly and time consuming, so do somebody knows some sites/books "camera operator for dummies"?

    I tried to find that by myself, but that always things that are to easy ("how to not shiver with a camera"), or too hard for me.

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    Edit: lol, I read this post wrong at first. I thought you were asking about photo shooting instead of video making advice. Oh well, I still have some experience with taking/editing videos occasionally. Anyway, what type of camera do you have and what's the brand? What things in particular are you having trouble with? Lighting? Image noise?

    Personally with me, I found that the information didn't click in my mind until I took a beginner's 5 hour course with a camera so I highly recommend looking into that. Although mine thankfully wasn't too expensive. In terms of books to help you out, I believe you'd want an encyclopedia type book which is fairly comprehensive. I found plenty of "baby's first camera" type of books so it's something that will take a long time of browsing at a bookstore. It will definitely seem too intimidating at first but you want something that's around beginner/intermediate so you'll learn how to do it right.

    (Edit: This is just for DSLR cameras, you can disregard unless your camera also does single-shot) My favorite book being Photography by John Freeman since it explains everything in detail quite well. Hardcover is 30 USD. As a free site, this is a helpful tutorial for DSLR cameras. It'll show you the effect that changing ISO, aperture, shutter speed, lighting etc. will have when taking photos.

    I hope that helps! Or at least someone with more knowledge on the topic than me will help you out. ^^;
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      I'm not sure about the model of the camera, I don't have it with me actually, I'm gonna look tomorrow.

      I have problems mainly with lighting, I've got some experience with photography, but it seems to work really differently here.

      I'm gonna to a library tomorrow, I will see if i find anything interesting.