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  • Servo's AMV showcase

    Hy Everyone,

    Well to be honest i'm not that good at making AMV but it is one of hobbies when i'm super tired from work and wanna do something fun i make AMV's and sometimes i watch anime just for the sake for making amv ...

    I would really appreciate critical comments so feel free to criticize my work to your hearts content

    Sola~ Born to die (Sola)

    RynerXFerris (Legend of Legendary Heroes)

    Rec AMV~ Matsumaru love Aka (REC)

    Hye Save Yin (Darker than Black)

    I dont know while uploading a glitch appeared in the AMV ...

    I hope u like them and feel free to criticize
    Beauty is deception of eye (sense of sight) , if i cant see the Ugliest and the most beautiful would be equal ...
    The Perfect List
    JAHT Marygold Servo