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  • German/Russian

    Just wondering the influences on these 2 languages on games/anime. Well, i believe for Xenosaga, the titel is in German i believe, and Ghost in the shells opening also has Russian i think.
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    germany once had a big influence on japan in the past (pre ww2) just like america since ww2 has.
    and politically japan is still in war with russia (both never signed a peace-arangement).

    how do those influence:

    the basic look of anime is based on western look. most anime display characters like westeners look like, not asian-like.

    usually is used if there are references to knights (like in nanoha-a's) or other things originated in europe. like the middle-age how we know it (storytelling or building-design [european castles, ...]). in rozen-maiden the german for example is used, cause the making of puppets originally came from germany.
    also somehow using german fits into epic storylines (dunno why ^^).

    due to the political "conflict" with russia, russian is often used in topics like terrorism (don't ask why.. it just is). also using russian as vocals in a song somehow gives a epic feel, too.

    some years ago i noticed, that americans have a completely different view on germans than the japanese have... if german is used in a american movie they are usually the bad guys. (maybe they don't know, that about half of the americans have german roots )

    even the english language itself is based on a early version of german (europe has three different language families: germanic [north/west/central], romanic [south/southwest] and baltic [east]; for greece i'm not shure).

    back to japan:
    there are a lot japanized german words... like "abeito"(katakana)(eng: job/parttime-job) which originated from the german "arbeit" (eng: job)
    i think there are even some russian influences on their language (just can't recall one atm)


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      I can't explain why but I see more and more animes where action takes place in Russia/country's language is russian/country under russian government/russian language is used without any apparent reason. Could it be because it sounds like moon language to ppl and words are as unreadable as japanese to americans? Wish for more exotic stuff? Dunno how much russian made its way into japanese, one i know for sure both call parents "mama" and "papa" for short. Also russian was somewhat popularized by Tatu in many countries. GitS has and intro performed by a russian singer who lives in Japan as far a I remember. German probably sounds cool (like Rammstein) and serious. Didn't really play Xenosaga much but im pretty sure it has references to german philosophers like Nietzsche, dunno what role it has in the plot if any.


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        What? Abeito means Arbeiten??? LoL, I want to hear more of these words
        I know my English sucks.