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Learning Japanese - Recommendations?

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  • Learning Japanese - Recommendations?

    Im 3rd currently a college student, but I dont have the time to take any Japanese courses. Ive been wanting to learn the language for years, and even bought some software (which isnt very great...).

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I probably won't be able to enroll in any formal class or travel abroad for at least a year or so...Is it possible to "self-teach" Japanese through various resources?

    Any input is appreciated...


    EDIT: After some sreaching, I've been eyeing some Language "Immersion" software..Some of the brands out there sound pretty comprehensive...Anyone opinions on these?

    I have another thread kind-of about this, about living in Japan...Give it a read if you have a few =D
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    Originally posted by norio5 View Post
    Try this:

    There is a nice teacher and nice course.
    I've account on this page. For me this is realy interesting and nice course.
    Now I can understand everything and Ms Maiko can help my all the time.