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How to type in other languages

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  • How to type in other languages

    I don't know if this fits in here, but I'm reading posts that people don't know how to type other languages. I'm on Vista, so if it's the the same on XP or 7. So here is what you do. Go to Control panel, then under Region and Languages Options, click on Change keyboards or other input methods. A new window will pop up. Then click on Change keyboards. It will show another window called Text Services and Input languages. From there, you press add and choose a language. That's it.

    [Vista/Win 7] For Japanese, I would recommend using the Microsoft IME. Check Japanese (Japan) Microsoft IME and press OK. To switch to Japanese input press CTRL+Shift. Basically, it changes a word in Romaji into Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji. But you have to manually change them. On the language bar on the bottom right you will see the options for Hiragana, Katakana, Full-width English, Half-width Katakana, and Half-width English.
    (When Japanese is selected as input) To get a word Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji, type the word in Romaji and press the spacebar before hitting enter. This won't work if Full-width or Half-width English is chosen.

    [Vista] For Chinese, I'd use Simplified, PRC. The reason I prefer this is two-fold. First, it's the only one that has IME. Secondly, you can change it to only use traditional characters only. You just need to check Chinese
    (Simplified, PRC) Microsoft Pinyin IME and press OK. You can switch between English and Chinese by clicking the the Chinese characters by pressing CTRL. (When Chinese input is selected.) To switch to Chinese input, press CTRL+Shift. (Optional) On the language bar find Option Menu> Options> MSYP New Experience & Classic Input Style > Character set > Traditional Chinese > OK.

    [Win 7] Open Text Services and Input languages, and select Chinese (Simplified, PRC) Microsoft Pinyin IME New Experience Input Style. Press CTRL+Shift to switch to Chinese input. When Chinese input is selected, you can switch between Chinese and English by pressing the CTRL key. (Optional) For traditional only, find the Options Menu on the language bar > Options> Advanced > Traditional Chinese > OK.
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