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  • What language is this?

    These are lyrics to a song found in a Japanese game, which supposedly takes on an Old English theme (Littlewitch Romanesque). Other text found in the game I have discovered to be Latin. This however, is not Latin. This song is called Itiad.

    uri kia wisha towino
    mototi romusa musowi
    mimi nike mawazoni giki
    sharoko weminibe romok

    usaze ninitiadu kaku
    fi bokahito niawe zaku
    sourui ti adukawa kea
    taito nia wuzim

    ettaho wenin itiad

    Luckily, the Japanese translation was provided alongside these lyrics, so it's a simple matter of translating the Japanese to English to get a good idea of what the song is about.


    水は命 与え
    渇く大地 潤す
    風は命 運び
    深く大地に 根ざす

    木漏れ日に 目そ凝らし
    木々のざわめき 耳を澄ます
    森と共に 私は生きる

    大地に 根を張って

    One source I came across stated that "itiad" means "united" in Arabic. According to the Japanese translation of the song, this seems to make sense. The last line in the song is the only line that contains this word, and it seems to coincide with "根を張って" which basically translates to "to take root" in English.

    Could someone possibly confirm what language this is? As far as I'm concerned, Arabic is only a possibility. Whatever language this is, I am sure it was romanized for this game, in which case the spelling of each word is prone to subjectivity.
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