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Learning French??

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  • Learning French??

    Does anyone have any recommendations on good computer programs for learning French that I can possibly find somewhere?

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    You have the Tell ME More programs: it's very complete.
    I use it for learning Japanese and English.

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      Just a little question, is there a torrent/direct link for Tell me more japanese ? I'm looking for it for some time now but can't find it.
      I've tried to find a site for buying it but can't find it (Sold out...) and the price is kind of heavy...

      For the question, I don't know any program to learn French but, you can try Primsleur, it's a MP3 course with many languages. It's in english and it's quite good to begin with.
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        For Tell Me More, my college give us the programm and all the languages we want to learn, but I don't any torrent to give you for it, sorry...

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