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[Recruitment] Translators needed for Shinobi Ryuu / Wizard Climber

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  • [Recruitment] Translators needed for Shinobi Ryuu / Wizard Climber

    Greetings Hongfire mates,

    A few months ago we started a project to translate SoftHouse Chara games and we've been working on Shinboi Ryuu (and minor work on some other titles in paralel) but we've been working with only 1 translator which is currently busy and that made us get more focus into recruiting additional translators to improve the quality/speed of our work.

    So right now we're currently searching for people with Japanese knowledge to assist us in these projects.
    Our starting focus was SHC games but we plan on approaching other titles with strong gameplay elements (we're not considering Visual Novels).

    The translation targets will be story files/dialogues and interface/menu translation as well...

    If anyone is interested in helping out, just drop me a PM or reply here.

    Thanks for the attention/time you spent reading this