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3D as native feature for next gen consoles?

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  • 3D as native feature for next gen consoles?

    We've all seen how many technologis leaps regarding tv technologies have taken place in the last few years. If anything, this popularization phenomena only tends to get faster. This is true if the 3DTV finds it way into the homes of regular people later this years, according to specialists. The TV, in case anyone missed this year's CES, will contain the same 3D functionalities we've come to expect from a regular theater, including some minor drawbacks, such as the special glasses, that apparently will keep being necessary for the time being.

    To help, and capitalize, with this new trend, some big names of the visual entertainment industry have already commited themselves on 3D channels soon. The stage seems set for a revolution.

    Now, since game consoles are always on the edge of available technology, why shouldn't they have native support for 3D graphics? Seems like a natural step for console makers.

    Of course we'd get those cheesy 3D tricks in which the devs, thinking of the gamer as a moron that can't perceive how good their effects are, throws the most obvious stunts at the player's face constantly - and literally - but not too different as the movies do nowadays. And besides, it's not as if every generation does that in the first rows of games. It was like this with the crappy three dimensional graphics of the 32bits gen, the polygon count on the 128 bits and seas of wandering characters on the screen at the same time on the current gen.

    But for those who says games can't get any better in terms of visuals, that seems like a perfect slap on their faces, including myself. But it seems that, for this kind of beating, I'm a perfect masochist indeed.
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    All PS3 games will be firmware updated with 3D available.
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      Having seen Avatar, I didn't think 3D made much of a difference (and was only especially noticeable every so often. To me, 3D is one of those fads that's either ahead of it's time or simply refuses to die.
      Originally posted by Whoaness View Post
      All PS3 games will be firmware updated with 3D available.
      Um, no. The PS3 ITSELF will be updated with 3D. I think it's a bit much to demand that every game ever made for the PS3 be patched with 3D, don't you?
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