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    Does anyone know where I can Find download anime games for mac?

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    Uhm, well, using various sites like torrentspy, that has a Mac section, or using torrentz, or the pirate bay, you will find some stuff.
    Tough, you will most likely end up using some front end for dosbox, running old dos games, or for newer ones (still talking about 2d graphics, like a lot of hentai) if your mac is fast enough (1.6ghz G4, a G5 or a new Core Duo will do pretty well. With some slow down, you can still use them on a slower machine, like a 1.2ghz G4)you can try to use virtual pc or guest pc. AFAIK, none of them is universal binary, so it runs slow on the new Intel cpu. But soon it might appera a simple software, that won't emulate the hardware, but simply access it, and that will give you extremely good speeds. Like VmWare for windows.

    Edit: for some abandonware, pretty much regardelss of the platform... there is stuff for Mac, also.
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