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    I want to try a new topic here, and maybe open a new way for you from soundage aspects of games. So, not graphic, but audio experiencing in games.

    As in introduction section i wrote, i am a blind person. Games are one from my interests, and i'm spending many hours playing these, and finding new one.

    Basically, my idea is to discuss what do you think about gaming as a player with closed eyes etc.

    My example of really playable games for me are:
    SP - dissidia FF: one from the best accessible games for the PSP system for me, blind person. Only shops, and some other menues are not accessible, cause don't know what is there etc.

    PSP - fate / unlimited codes: Great fighter with stereo sound effects in high quality, thanks capcom. Totally playabble title for blind user, basic gameplay and advanced combos etc etc.

    PC - Shank: the most wonderfull sidescrolling beat em up, what is the best, it's totally playable, in fact, there are some platforming elements, but i can memorize where these are, so i haven't problem in this game to complete it without any sighted assistance. Great sound effects, stereo system, and great room reverbs as the game from small studio doing this game the best beat em up for me.

    Above are my few examples of playable games for me. What is important, i can't play most of 3d games, cause there are problems with navigation on the map etc, sadly.

    At the end of this post, my question is regarding visual novels like narcissu. Maybe some from you knows something playable and friendly for me.

    These games aren't very complicated, but i can't read the text inside these games, cause there aren't standard displaying in the window's game, but something hard for screen readers, and i can't read anything. Maybe you knows games where the window or something is like standard window, with normal english text displaying.

    Here's the end for now. If you want, discuss it here, and we'll see what we get


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    I can't even imagine playing any games blind. Were you blind from birth? In any case, you must have a very good imagination!
    In regards to visual novels, try a program called agth. It should be able to grab text in a way that your screen reader can handle. I think.
    Let me know if you need help with anything. Welcome to hongfire.


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      Dude you are one hell of a pro. I couldn't imagine playing games blind either. You sure are something else!
      Fate/Unlimited Codes does have great sound effects, but for you to be able to play games like that is just awesome.
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        Well, playing games when someone is blind can be little crazy, but possible. I am blind from birth, and games are my hobby. What about the aght, i'll test it. Some recomendation what visual novel is great and wich one i definitely must check?


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          Okay, i tried narcissu, cause probably game is great, short but must have. Now, program works, showing me the name of the game, options and menues are totally non-accessible for me sadly, i can't start a game, cause i can only quit the game if using arrow, and trying to randomly find correct option, and listen a music.

          Interesting is if deeper in the story line, i'll get more accessible way to choosing a options or not, and shooting, seems like it's hard to do, cause maybe i can get a text, but can't see what i am choosing.


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            Lirin, have you ever tried out Audio Quake?

            I've posted the link below. it's a great game that's specifically made for blind and visually impaired people. Enjoy.

            Audio Quake download page

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              Ah yeah, i played it many months, but the game comes with some bugs, and it's hard to play sometimes.


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                I see. It's a favorite of my cousin.

                I can ask him to recommend me other audio games if you want me to...

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                  How you even type with such good grammatical as well as punctuation accuracy when you're blind is beyond me.

                  Last I heard, even the best voice-to-text software isn't this perfect.
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                    Oni: Probably all audio games on the market are known by me. Sadly, these are weak and not that good comparing these to video games. I am more interested discovering new video games wich can be accessible for me, 2d beat em ups, fighters, etc etc.

                    Typing isn't a problem, screen readers and synthesizers hmmm, it's the everyone's own choice, cause there's several voices.


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                      Well, I'll ask my cousin about a video game you can play.

                      I've played street fighter with my cousin and boy does he kick my butt at that game. lol

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                        i've seen ppl play ddr while doing lots of crazy dance moves and not looking at the screen. I think you can do most rhythm games.

                        problem is knowing which way to step, or button to push without seeing them first. Everyone that does it pretty much did it the normal way but played so much they memorized the steps with the tune.


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                          Yep, i tried some from these, but i think playing like ramdomly pushing buttons isn't that good. The most accessible game from this genre is something like bob it or something.


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                            Unfortunately, I can't recommend any PSP game that might be interesting for you since I don't have a PSP. I just wanted to express that you're incredibly amazing IMHO. In the past it came to my mind several times what it would be like if lost my eyesight completely. It was unimaginable for me. In terms of the hobby I could imagine living without hearing ability but without way. Well, I guess it's all a matter of adaption. Very impressive anyways.

                            If you don't mind me asking, how do you manage to play a fighting game like Fate / Unlimited Codes? How do you estimate the opponent's distance, etc.? If I was in your place I would most likely only hear me being beaten to pulp....


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                              It's beyond me even how can you pinpoint where the posts are. Really, no offense, I'm just amazed. I don't have any suggestions that I can think on right now but it's good to know there's a chance gaming may not be dead for me in the case I go blind.
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