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  • Online visual novels!

    Hey guys. I heard from somewhere than a multiplatform online visual novel is in the works. Apparently, you can build up your character through the story, just like a regular visual novel, but here's the catch-you meet someone on the other end, a player who's also playing through a b-side story of what you're playing to until you meet each other. I heard that you can also customize your avatar to fit your personality and whatever.

    Devs said that you'll meet people based on your choices, and the game apparently gives you matches/friends in game based on who are compatible with you. What do you guys think about this? Would you be interested in playing this?

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    This actually sounds really cool, tough theres some things I would like to ask. Can you make your character a female or will it be stuck as a male? Will you be able to play through it with a friend? Also when you say multiplatform, do you mean like, PC, Xbox, and PS3? All in all though this sounds like it would be very fun and i would get it!
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      Doesn't Love Death 555 have online multiplayer?
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        Huaaaaaaa..... sounds so erotic yet so good :_)
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