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Updateing Windows Live

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  • Updateing Windows Live

    Trying to update windows live, for multiple games like batman and bioshock. When I update from the applications comes back saying that I am not connected online and couldn't update, when I am connected. I do have Steam also, on this unit and read that it may cause, issues and uninstalled it.

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    It's most likely because GFWL has been discontinued and not because steam is interfering.


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      I think I still have a couple of GFWL. Not sure of all of them but I know GTAIV is still on it. I know some games made a transition to Steamworks.


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        I paid for those, so how I can still play them? yet, also, xbox still has live for there systems ?


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          I had this issue even when the service was working. I used to skip the update and somehow still manage to play. Some games like fallout 3 have a patch to remove GFWL. I believe they opted not to discontinue it, but honestly I've been boycotting GFWL games for a while. Such an aweful piece of junk.