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Metal Gear Revengance Trailer Review

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  • Metal Gear Revengance Trailer Review

    Metal Gear Solid is a series with an amazing and overly complex story. The game focuses around stealth based elements. Sneaking past guards, quietly choking them, making sure you have a silencer equipped , sneaking around in cardboard boxes, but Metal Gear Revengance seems to change this dramatically. In the 2011 Spike awards they unveiled a new trailer which showed Raiden mowing down guards with lightning fast speed, cutting cars in half , he even stopped Ray’s arm with his katana!. So I am curious as to how this will affect the series which is a stealth game turned in to a Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden style game. Metal Gear has always been the main boss you. In most of the MGS games you mow through a team of elite mercenaries sneak past guards then fight this enormous bipedal tank. Now Raiden is able to grab it by the arm and throw it! Making Solid Snake seem like a chump, Grey Fox was barely able destroy the radome on Rex’s right shoulder without dying leaving Snake to shoot his little stinger launcher at constant threat of being, stepped on , or being hit with homing missiles, and Ray also had machine guns and a water cutter. Now you can just run up Rays arm and slice it’s head or you can just throw him! I am not sure how this change will affect the series but is shows promise as an action game not as a traditional stealth oriented MGS title.
    Konami has proven with their Zone of the Enders series that fast paced action can be done masterfully. So I trust we are in for an amazing game but how will it favor with the hardcore MGS fan base. Who are use to sneaking,and sniping at a distance to avoid being seen, will they like the new found style? Only way we will know is once it is released but in my personal opinion this is like a Metal Gear spin-off or a filler game that will no doubt be amazing but not what we are use to.

    This is the first article i have ever written so constructive criticism is more than welcome....
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    From what i can tell Platinum has f'd MG in the A simply with the Ray throwing bit in the trailer. So like i stated in the other MG Rising thread, i'm afraid of this game ruining the MG name simply by wearing it. Hope Kojima Productions keeps a close eye on Platinum and slaps them in the face every time they do something stupid. To me Metal Gear is about a complex story with at least one plot twist, a revelation in the end that everything was part of someone or something's plan and realistic world physics within the ridiculous concepts of the world.


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      I find it weird reviewing a trailer in a game review forum. probably better to just make a regular topic

      to be honest mgs physics werent always so realistic either. good example would be how meryl and johnny were rolling around while making cheesy comments while fighting the frogs.
      Raiden holding back the tanker while missing a limb