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[SP Reviews] THE TURING TEST (PC - XBOX One - PlayStation 4)

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  • [SP Reviews] THE TURING TEST (PC - XBOX One - PlayStation 4)

    Here's a Longplay for those who want to give it a try without breaking their heads in the process...

    In the world of Puzzle gaming nothing is what it seems. But The Turing Test is one of those puzzle games where if you don't know what's up with the level you'll end up proceeding a few rooms, then get stucked and then... your whole weekend's wasted.

    The plot of this game is quite interesting. You, as Ava Turing are sent on a mission to rescue your team mates on Jupiter's moon Europa after a mysterious incident caused a loss of comunications with Earth. To assist you in the mission you'll team-up with the Technical Operations Machine or T.O.M. for short. The game is based in First Person perspective pretty much like Layers of Fear or Outlast. At first it looks like most of the game will be based on exploration of the area, as you find documents and secret files about what happened giving some light to the incident. This exploration part only applies for the Prologue and the Classified Areas on the game. Once you descend on Europa is where the gameplay changes.

    The main feature of the game is the Puzzle "Problem Solution" basis, in a similar style to The Talos Principle, the gameplay drops all the dangers like enemies or traps, so there's no way to die in this game. But there's restart options when you think you screwed up. You can select if you want to restart the area (Room 10 for example) or the whole chapter. Ava's abilities are to capture energy balls to activate switches, grab energy boxes to activate them, read documents in paper and computer screens, operate machines like magnets and "Solid Light" bridges and switch to T.O.M. and T.O.M. controlled cameras and sentry cannons when the situations requires it. T.O.M. on the other hand can operate machinery that Ava can't like moving platforms, opeate special switches, hold an energy orb and use it on switches or simply hold it so Ava can retrieve that orb and use it in her gun, knowing this is essential in the later chapters as the game requires more Man-Machine cooperation.

    As i said before, difficulty is based on the complexity of the puzzles which will become more and more difficult as you progress in the game. There's also specially made Classified Areas where you need to solve more puzzles to unlock more documents.

    There's no way to die in the game, except on the Epilogue, where you take control of T.O.M. and his security systems and you have to decide if you kill the former protagonist or keep her alive. What a way to win.

    Either if you kill her or let her leave Europa alive, you're rewarded with the lamest ending scene in the history of XBOX One and PlayStation 4 gaming.

    Click image for larger version

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    Alternate comment: 見た見た見た? 私の活躍! じゃあね!

    Graphically, the space environment looks beautifully made, as this game puts us as close as possible to Jupiter without leaving our seats, even if the majority of the game takes place inside a space facility, there's parts where you'll be inside the ice caverns of Europa. The music puts a well executed suspense atmosphere as you explore, pick and think your path to the truth and to rescue your comrades.

    Overall, we have a game mostly designed for hardcore puzzle players who will surely enjoy this mindbreaking experience. So if you're new to this kind of games better stay off since the game becames too demanding on the puzzle solution stuff.

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