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[SP Reviews] AMC THE WALKING DEAD (Arcade)

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  • [SP Reviews] AMC THE WALKING DEAD (Arcade)

    The only thing that comes from Raw Thrills and PlayMechanix: Another boring gun game. I feel sorry for AMC right now.
    Alternate comment: The Epitome of a Bydo-infected Rei Miyamoto.

    With all due respect, but Raw Thrills and PlayMechanix are "The LJN of the 21st Century", and i mean it. They just release boring crap based on licenses. Just take a look at your arcade nowadays. Gun games up the you-know-where, Guns-guns-guns-guns-guns and more goddamned gun games.

    Jurassic Park Arcade, Terminator Salvation are basically on every plaza Arcade you can visit along with Namco's Deadstorm Pirates and SEGA's Transformers Human Alliance, which are just the same, just different TV/Movie licence.

    Looks like the days of arcade variety where you could choose if you wanna play U.N. Squadron, Turbo OutRun, After Burner Climax, The King of Fighters 97 or Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 are too far gone, just like if we're witnessing the end of an era in Arcade history.

    Now, making a game based on AMC's The Walking Dead (The American Highschool Of The Dead in otaku slang) has a lot of potential due to its success on TV, along with the comics and its prequel Fear The Walking Dead. We have the Telltale Games series and The Walking Dead Survival Instinct. Zombie killing (or "Walker" killing) can inspire multiple genres from detective thinking to Run N' Gun and even brawlers, all depends on the company which gets the licence rights (Konami and its arcade games of Aliens, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons are a great example), and just like LJN screwed up Back to the Future, Jaws and Friday the 13th, It happened the same thing when TWD fell on the hands of Raw Thrills and PlayMechanix.

    AMC The Walking Dead (or The Walking Dead AMC) is another addition to their catalogue of repetitive gun games. Their previous releases were the typical Steel Gunner style rail shooter with "target sequences" during boss battles or hazard dodging, here they tried something a little different.
    Unlike Terminator Salvation, they removed the unnecesary target sequences, making it more like a traditional gun game such as The House of the Dead games, where you can aim freely, but there's one fatal flaw: The Walkers can only be killed by headshots, which goes against any liberty of killing an enemy regardless of where they're hit. Anyone who played The House of the Dead, and mostly The House of the Dead 4 will remember that Headshots are the "Rank Boost" bonus which decides if you get a Life Bonus or not, along with how much your score is multiplied. In AMC The Walking Dead, this headshot-only thing only implies fast reflexes and near-perfect aim to do so, Making the game much more harder since this is one of those gun games that drops large waves of enemies that result in innevitable take-a-hit instances, and to make things worse your weapon is not a pistol or a machine gun. In this game you only have a crossbow that looks like Chewbacca's weapon from Star Wars, but with an ammo capacity of 8 arrows, so you have to reload more often if you want a more continuous fire stream. There's also no bombs, making the game much harder that it should be. There's items like explosive arrows a la Rambo III, which takes down multiple Walkers with one shot. The only new, interesting thing was the inclusion of close-range weapons like wrenches and steel bars, something unexpected on rail-shooters but its well recieved to add a new element of gameplay.

    As for the fatal flaws, the game is like three stages long, divided in chapters just like Jurassic Park Arcade, so this is one of those short numbered-yet long lasting stages. The worst part is the "Rescue People" because there's two or three zombies attacking one person and if you fail you lose life, which is the most common thing to happen, it adds "ambushes" that will send you to the Continue screen, unless you have some extreme memorization of where and when they will try to ambush you.

    Graphically, the game looks like stuck in the XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3 era, since they still look polygonal like in the early games of such consoles. Compare AMC The Walking Dead with, let's say Halo 5 Guardians, It's like an interactive Blu-Ray movie. As far as i know, ¿wasn't graphic quality one of the main muscles of arcade games?, ¿the kind of thing that only the cabinets can do, surpassing home consoles?, Here's the opposite thing, and that goes for Deadstorm Pirates and Transformers Human Alliance too.

    As for the sound, the voice acting is quite convincing and fitting with the suspensful atmosphere of the show. While the music is loosely based on the opening theme of the show, while at first sounds good, it becames forgettable, just exactly with Terminator Salvation and it's repetitive remix of the Terminator theme.

    If you are REALLY urged to shoot zombies, try The House of the Dead 4, Metal Slug 3 or even shooting Husks in Mass Effect will do the job. If you have a need for The Walking Dead, stick to the Telltale series, at least they offer something new. If you've played Terminator Salvation or Jurassic Park Arcade, you've played AMC The Walking Dead without playing it. I feel sorry for AMC right now, The Walking Dead deserved something better.

    Just don't spend money on anything with the Raw Thrills and PlayMechanix logos, it may encourage them to make more crap for arcades.
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