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[SP Reviews] RACE THE SUN (XB1 - PS4 - PS3 - PSVita - Wii U - PC - Android)

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  • [SP Reviews] RACE THE SUN (XB1 - PS4 - PS3 - PSVita - Wii U - PC - Android)

    Flight of the Minimalism

    Race The Sun is a different approach on what we commonly see on videogames. At first it looks like an After Burner-like flight game, but there's no enemies in sight or weapons to fire.

    The premise of this game is simple: You're a solar powered craft (more like a bird-shaped plane), the setting Sun is your enemy and timer as well as the ship gets its power from the Sun. Thus, you have one simple objective: Stay alive and delay the innevitable as long as possible. To do this, you have to do only four things:
    1.- Keep flying
    2.- Try to achieve the highest score possible
    3.- Don't crash with nothing
    4.- Stay out of shadows of any kind
    (Yeah, even clouds can take time-power away)

    Objectives 1 and 4 are easy to do for any player. The second objective can be improved by taking multipliers, which increases the score multiplication after picking around 6 of them. Some crashes like touching a wall with the wings could reduce your multiplier, so avoiding collisions is a must in this game. To keep you in flight, there's an item that rises the sun, giving you extra time and a chance of keep flying until you find another one. There's also an item that allows you to jump once, being extermely helpful to avoid obstacles. Now let's talk about the obstacles, starting from mountain ranges that could result in crashes, to collapsing towers which can be avoided if you know where to move your ship. But things become obnoxious when the "Nuclear Missiles" appear, these missiles leave an explosion that blinds you by fading the screen to white. So, reaching Region 6 is already an accomplishment once you're facing the missile threat because if the Sun doesn't stop you, the missiles blinding lights will do the job.

    Completing in-game objectives will unlock special features from carrying more items, unlocking special items like warps to the end of a region, warps to bonus areas, portals that act like extra lives if you crash to a second bird and additional modes like the much harder "Apocalypse" mode and a "Relax" mode which is your Free Flight mode where there' no obstacles or setting sun.

    Graphically, the game focuses on the minimalism as it uses simple shapes, abstract forms and very minimal details, so there's not too much to say about the graphics.

    The music is very reminiscent of Arabian-Egyptian themed films/shows. The desertic ambient of the music can be feeled during the flight through the minimalist desert-landscape, and i'm sure it's a desert since there's no plants or lifeforms in the game, just mountains, abstract buildings and spheres.

    - The bird-shaped craft could be a reference to the "Saqqara Bird" which was considered from an ancient glider, a boomerang, to a weather vane or a toy for an elite child in ancient Egypt.
    - In fact, one of the ships resembles the Saqqara Bird.
    - The effect of watching the Sun rising again could be possible if a vehicle could fly faster than the velocity of Earth's rotation speed of 1,600KPH, So the in-game bird might be flying between 6,126 and 12,251KPH (the Hypersonic range from Mach 5 to Mach 10) after taking a speed-up item.

    For those who are looking alternatives to guns, swords and racing, then this is a good option. There's nothing than a relaxed flight at hypersonic speeds in the world of minimalism.

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