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In this thread we discuss Perfect Dark Zero: Deathmatch

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  • In this thread we discuss Perfect Dark Zero: Deathmatch

    Share your humorous online experiences.

    I just found some fun little bug while I was playing a few nights ago. I was on Desert just having a freeride in the Hovercraft vehicle when I started going under heavy fire from some guy with an M60. Another guy driving a Hovercraft came between us and started soaking up the bullets meant for me, so I just kept pressing him foward.

    Well, the thing was, all three of us were on the curb of one of those "Dirty Sniper Point" cliffs, and the Hovercraft in front of me didn't take much from the M60 guy. So that explodes, and my own Hovercraft goes into this wheelie right behind it because of the uneven ground. All of the sudden, someone else (either M60 guy or someone completely different, the second Hovercraft driver was roasted) switches this wrecked Hovercraft in front of me to Repair mode. My vehicle instantly goes FLYING over the wrecked craft into this MASSIVE fireball and all I hear is my little guy screaming (I play as Killian) and the announcer yelling "SUICIDE!" to the whole arena. What the heck just happened here?

    I guess the moral of this story is that if you're playing PDZ online and you run into a guy who gets cheap deaths by mowing other guys down in a Hovercraft and has a username that hates on an experimental 1980's anti-industry documentary film, it's probably me.