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Pokemon Black and White 2 - New Trainers, Rivals, etc.

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  • Pokemon Black and White 2 - New Trainers, Rivals, etc.

    Article scans with pictures

    wait wait
    they actually bothered to make new characters and sprites?

    anyways the article is translated thanks to Bulbapedia
    warning shitton of text

    -Black Kyurem is 3.3m, 325 kg. Freeze Shock is its signature move.
    -White Kyurem is 3.6m, 325 kg. Ice Burn is its signature move.
    The game is set two years after Pokémon Black and White.
    -There have been many changes to the Unova region. The water in the area around the Entralink has dried up. Many parts of the map are covered in ice, though it is unclear if this is an addition to the region or merely to cover up areas that are yet to be revealed.
    -The northern and eastern parts of Unova are obscured by this ice, and Opelucid City is just on the border of being covered.
    -There are two new towns and at least one new route to the southwest.
    -The road between Castelia City and Nimbasa City is complete.
    -A new building has been added to the front of Nimbasa City, and a new area to the east of the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel.
    -Driftveil City's lighthouse is gone, and several craters have appeared in the city.
    -There is now a settlement on Route 4
    -Liberty Garden is now shown in the official artwork of the map, and appears to have been revamped.
    -The construction zone and Cold Storage south of Driftveil are both gone.
    -There is a section taken out of the side of the mountain in eastern Unova, and there are several buildings here.
    -Challenger's Cave has disappeared.
    -The webbing that initially blocks the entrance to Chargestone Cave is gone.
    -The Entralink's moat is now dry, and the inner area has changed.
    -300 Pokémon (including the original 156 Unova Pokémon) are accessible.
    -The Unova Pokédex also appears to have drastically changed, with Riolu being #033, Psyduck being #026, and Metagross being #264.
    -The Pokémon Psyduck, Arcanine, Lapras, Eevee, Mareep, Tyranitar, Metagross, Buneary, Riolu, Lucario, Weavile all appear to be in the new regional Unova Pokédex.

    -There are two new player characters; the male is the characters revealed yesterday on the cover, while the female has not been seen before.
    -The character wearing red that was seen yesterday is the new rival; he is said to be a childhood friend of the player. He is a passionate boy who wages on a Pokemon's strength.
    -The rival is quoted as saying "From now, I'm going to rage!"
    -The girl with the guitar is Homika, a new Poison-type Gym Leader. Her Gym is said to be a "Live House" (a Japanese term for a music club where live bands play). She will appear in the anime in an episode on June 14.
    -The tanned male in the swimming costume is Shizui, a new Water-type Gym Leader. He is described as a big-hearted big brother who gives passionate advice.
    -The man in the lab coat is Akuroma. He is researching Pokémon strength. A cut-off portion of the photo mentions he is doing something regarding the latent abilities of Pokémon. He is said to be mysterious and hard to read.

    -The new starting city is Hiougi City, located in the south-west of the map.
    -Its main point of interest is its lookout. There is a Pokemon Center and Trainers' School; this is the first time the starting city has included either, as well as the first time the starting location is a city and not a town.
    -There are several new facilities. One image shows a large glass tube going through water with Mantine swimming overhead.

    from this sounds like a new plot... which we shouldn't expect too much from Pokemon games
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    You know at first I thought the male player was a tomboy girl, until I noticed the female character next to him. I was kind of hoping my initial assumption was right.

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      I played through most of BW2 the other day out of boredom. I was mostly grinding through the game to reach major story events, and realized just how tiresome pokemon battles are when you don't want any. Even with a hacked uber team it was irritating! Overall the games are pretty nice though.