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Nights: Journey Of Dreams

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  • Nights: Journey Of Dreams

    So, anyone looking forward to this sequel to the Saturn game. I so can't wait for it. Oh and by the way did anyone here play the original?

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    They're doing what! o.0
    I havent played the one on sega saturn
    in a loooooooooooong time

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      Yeah, I've been following it since it's before the announcement. One of the worst kept secrets in Sega's history, but I'm still very ecstatic! I remember playing NiGHTS: Into Dreams at Target and having an absolute blasty-blast just going around in circles, albeit it was pretty tricky to get the hang of it. Let's just say, it's perfect for the Wii!

      Can't wait to find out more.
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        ya im definetely excited by that, there's always been a reference to NiGhts in the old sonic games and i've always wanted to see what it's about


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          Hah ha, finall got my new NiGHTS game in the mail. So excited!!! Well, I'm of to relieve those memories!!!