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    Hello fellow Wii buddies!
    I'm usually just browsing around the Hentai section until I notice there's a Nintendo Discussion forum.
    Here I'll be posting up any news and updates on Nintendo's newly successful system titled Wii (and DS).
    I do weekly posts mostly on new releases of classic games (from NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafix16, etc.) on the Virtual Console located within the Wii Shop Channel.

    So basically, I'm just copying and pasting from my Wii blog to here and other forums. \/

    Also, I hope I'm allowed to double post multiple times because judging from the activity in this forum, I've got a feeling some times there won't be a reply after my last post. So the following post will be the latest news I wrote last Monday.

    // Roth
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    Originally posted by Maverick007 View Post
    Took them long enough! I wish that was available since the beginning, I probably would have bought it instead. xD

    (Wow, I just realized this thread hasn't been updated since December )


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      Originally posted by stukasa View Post
      (Wow, I just realized this thread hasn't been updated since December )
      Yeah, I figured there's just too much typing going on with all the other forums/blogs I go to (incl. this one). It's tough to get all the news down and keeping them organized into one spot. I just do all my updates on Twitter now. Sorry for any inconvenience, but if you like, you may follow me and get ups on what games are out, what I'm playing, etc.

      My Twitter is
      If you use Firefox, I recommend getting TwitterFox.

      // Roth