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Anybody know about a new 2d Metroid game?

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  • Anybody know about a new 2d Metroid game?

    A while back i heard talk about some game called Metroid Dread, possibly for the DS and a new 2d metroid mission. Personaly, the 2d metroid games where my favs, "super" being my top. I know nintendo can pull off another metroid sidecroller. Taking place right after fusion...

    Samus could be on the run from the galatic federation...and maybe some how she finds herself on a medical station stripped of her fusion suit. You can start the game suitless and slowy get stronger...My lil' story i game up with isn't as good as one Nintendo could think of...Bottom line, Metroid 5, I want it now!

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    Sadly, Metroid Dread was only ever shown on some (Leaked) internal documents, and it hasn't been heard of in over two years. I'm guessing it got cut

    Well, there's always the Virtual Console Metroid NES is coming out tomorrow, and Super Metroid is out next week! Nintendo is awesome
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      Holy hell super metroid's time for the virtual console is nigh!!???! This will be awesome.