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    What do HongFirians (?) think about the Nintendo Switch console?

    Do you anticipate a market success or a failure?
    What do you about the concept of a console that works both as a home and a hand-held game console?

    Here’s the presentation in case you haven’t heard about it:

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    I think it's good that Nintendo is trying something new again. Definitely an improvement from the Wii U, which wasn't that great of a console imo. The Wii U was an unmitigated disaster in sales terms if I remember correctly. Also the new Zelda is coming out for Switch. All the more reason to buy one <3


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      I'm glad that there's finally a normal fucking controller again... Almost. I really don't like touch screens and gyros as controls, they're just not as responsive as microswitches.

      I think its success will have everything to do with its software, though. Nintendo did good having Breath of the Wild in the launch window, and there's going to be another Splatoon at some point and a new (supposedly more adventure-y) Mario title in Winter 2017, so first party is probably covered, but I don't know how third party developers are reacting.

      As for the gimmick of it being a portable and home console... I'm disappointed that the dock is just a media port and doesn't improve the performance of the console at all, but I guess that would have driven the price way too high for the market they're aiming for. I'm not much of a graphics whore, but depth of field and other practical visuals depend on high performance, which you're not going to get out of a console that tiny.
      I have a thing about shrinking computers beyond what's demanded. All the new laptops try to be small and light, but that means that they are more vulnerable to overheating and have less processing power; video game consoles are just computers built for gaming. Again, I kind of wish that the dock did more than provide output ports, it's literally just a laptop dock.
      I've seen people citing concerns that having both the Switch and the 3DS line will mean that they're competing against themselves, but I don't think that'll be the case unless there's a lot of crossover.

      I rarely play games away from home, so the portability doesn't really do much for me.

      The controllers look a little small for my hands, but I thought the same thing about the 3DS, so maybe Nintendo pulled it off with the controller design again, will have to wait until I play it.

      Overall, I'm looking forward to playing the Switch. Though I have some misgivings about the performance and the longevity, I'm glad to see a console that's at a lower price point again. I didn't get a PS4 because I couldn't justify the cost of getting one of those versus spending a couple hundred more for a new computer... Even after all this time on the market, a new PS4 is still $50 more than the Switch will be at launch.

      Of course, I'm not a day one buyer, so I'll wait for people to start chatting about it and maybe get one at the end of the year. But I also want a new computer...
      Do I need to say anything?
      I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


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        In theory, the concepts and advancements are great...

        however in practice, one can't help but worry that it will be like the WII, many times more sold than the PS3 and XBOX360 (nearly as much as both together) but instead of software developers making use of such a large platform to sell good games, it will be mostly Shovelware instead because reasons. At least Bamco plans to bring back Tales of to Nintendo, Afterbirth+ is a launch title but sadly, there really ain't that much certain yet. Fire Emblem is also returning after 10 years, well, will be 11 then, to a console but again, not going to buy at launch, especially since I kinda got not much value out of the Wii U but also because I'm saving money for more important stuff atm.
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          the real problem with the wii in my opinion were the controls (having a gimmicky motion controller as its default option) which weren't good for most games and required severe changes to the control schemes to adapt a game to it and even then it often resulted in unconfortable controls.
          In addition to that the wii stayed a generation behind the 360 and ps3, in an era when behing that much behind meant most games couldn't run on it even if they were drastically downgraded, for example you could have never had TES IV oblivion running on the wii, heck I doubt even morrowind would run if not in a extremely gimped version like the one on the original xbox.
          In contrast the switch can run most of what the other consoles can (albeith slightly worse) and its controller can be used exactly like a traditional one while also having the potential for gimmicks.
          It also should not be overlooked that it can do all of this as a portable console, creating a very interesting opportunity for certain types of games that work really well in that enviroment (just look at all the RPGs that are already finding their way on it) and it makes it a perfect secondary machine for someone who already uses a PC for gaming (like in my case).
          Also speaking about the games coming out for it, the lineup is already 10 times more interesting than what was coming for the wii right after launch (although the wii also had some interesting game but they were drowned by the insane amount of party game and shovelware targetting the public that usually didn't play games but was attracted by the wii's novelty)

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        Yeah, also not planning on buying it at launch, way too expensive. But for me personally, it's the console I've wanted for so long. The fact that it is trying to be a portable and a home console in one package is an easy sell from a value for money family purchase standpoint. You know, I just think that if you looked at it only as a portable system, it's probably the best portable ever made. And if you look at it as a home system, it's capable, is probably the best way I'd put it. I think the adoption is going to be broader than the Wii U was.


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          It's here! I already started playing Zelda
          wish I had more free time XD


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            Awesome! Is it as amazing as the critics say? This game looks so perfect in every way. This could really be the best Zelda since Wind Waker.


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              It's really good, the only thing i dislike a bit is how often every weapon breaks and it takes a lot to get story bits


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                ok, cool! glad to hear the game's been good so far it's really tempting to buy a Switch right now... :'D


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                  Waiting a little longer before buying. The only reason for me is Zelda.